This is sooooo me right now. Finally Day 30 – whether officially or unofficially … all I know is that I’m done. Interestingly I had to run through the names of God because as always this December it will be 30 days of blogging as we get into the spirit of Christmas. So many interesting things will be happening on the blog. You’ll just have … Continue reading Jesus


Onye Nji Eme Onu – (The God I Make My Boast In)

If you are not Ibo, I apologize. But this name just sounds so much better in Ibo I brag on God! I make my boast in God my savior God himself wants me to brag on Him God doesn’t have a problem with me boasting. I just have to boast in the Lord. So let’s do this … Think about all the things the Lord … Continue reading Onye Nji Eme Onu – (The God I Make My Boast In)