Hey people

Day 20 ! Yep! It’s day 20. Remember our agreement?

So, it’s day 20 (unofficially πŸ˜‰) and today our focus is on God as our way maker

If you’ve ever been in a tight spot then you’ll really appreciate this name and character of God. He’s our way maker. Not a way finder. He’s a way maker. He makes a way where there is no way.

He gets us out of the most unlikely and impossible situations

Beautiful reminder of the way maker that we serve. Lovely song by Sinach.

And even when we find ourselves in seasons of testing it is because He sieves the severity, nature and timing of the test just so that it’s bearable.

Interestingly with every testing, God has already provided a way of escape that will bring us out victoriously. We won’t come out by the skin of our teeth, will come out like champions. All this is possible because He’s not just the way maker, He is the way.

Trust Him and sing along with bethel worship.


Pastor Mildred

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