Jehovah Roi

Unofficially it’s day 19

I’m so emotional about today’s name of God. It means so many things to me and it’s probably one of the names I call Him the most.

He’s the God who sees me.

I’ve had many moments in my life when people see me but don’t really see me.

No don’t get confused. Let me try to explain.

I believe that people have different perceptions of us. A lot of times people see what they want to see. For instance you could be having a really rough day and probably even be in pain physically and someone may just assume that you are frowning and just being snobbish. Only God can truly see that you are not like that.

One of the most misunderstood group of people in this world are pastor’s wives.

As in… it’s sooooo bad. Everyone just thinks they know pastors’ wives. There are so many stereotypes, it’s unbelievable.

I am one of them so I should know. I can’t count how many times people have assumed I am a certain way or I’m thinking a certain thought. I’ve learned to rejoice in the fact that God doesn’t see the way men see, He sees the heart.

I’ve made my peace with this

So He’s my Jehovah Roi. He sees my heart. He sees correctly.

Interestingly the first time He was called Jehovah Roi was by Hagar, Sarah’s maid.

So basic story, Abraham and Sarah wanted a child that God had already promised to them but they were tired of waiting and decided to help God. So they came up with a plan where Hagar Sarah’s slave would be a surrogate for them but they weren’t planning IVF or anything like that. So Abraham would actually have sex with her.

Now when she conceived, She became insolent and began to think what does this woman have that I don’t? I’m even fertile and carrying the master’s baby so why does she think she can still tell me what to do? In my opinion Satan was building a pride depot in her heart where demons could have a field day.

Anyway, Sarah is having none of that so she becomes hard on her to remind her of her place. Inevitably Hagar decides she’s had enough and runs away with the child. God stops her on the way and asks her a simple question

To be honest I actually think it was a rhetorical question. God wasn’t trying to get an answer. He knew where she was. Why she was there and where she was going. He was asking her so she could check herself.

Please notice that even though she was feeling like Abraham’s baby mama. God put her in her place ‘cos ain’t nobody gat time for that.

He reminded her that she was Sarah’s slave which was the only reason she even had access to Abraham, let alone carrying his child.

So maybe you’re in a rough place and you are feeling like you don’t like how people are treating you or you are feeling like you are bigger than what is being dished out to you or feeling too big to serve someone that was pivotal to your lifting and you have forgotten who you really are. God is reminding you.

I know it wasn’t her fault that she was drawn into this drama but she got herself to the point where Sarah started maltreating her. She was responsible for that and God was holding her accountable for that.

In other words God was saying to her. Don’t let a little success confuse you. Don’t get carried away and forget your roots. God is a just God.

He’s the God who sees our motives so He can hold us accountable.

It’s quite an interesting read. You should check it out for yourself in Genesis 16.

God checks our motives. He keeps us accountable. He ensures we don’t mess our lives up with pride and bad behavior.

And the beauty of this is that unlike most people, Hagar saw the heart of God in this. She acknowledged that her eyes were now open. She thought I see…

Then she acknowledged that even in that place of disobedience that God saw her and cared enough to correct her and still bless her son.

God is good like that. Even when she was eventually sent away years later after Isaac was born, when she didn’t see a way of survival and she couldn’t watch her son die, Jehovah Roi still showed up to help her see a way of survival for her son.

Today my prayer is that Jehovah Roi the God who sees will open your eyes and cause you to see a way out of whatever difficult situation you have found yourself in.

I pray that knowing that He is Jehovah Roi will cause you to be accountable and live a life that is worthy of Him.


Pastor Mildred.

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  1. I do not know myself, talk more about knowing another; There are some things I do that astounds me.
    My prayer is that God seeing eyes will guide me into the right path to take…I have taken so many wrong turns’ I can not afford to take another!

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