Jehovah Shalom – Obata Obie

Today I don’t think I should do much talking at all. Remember last year we had a full season of blogging about Shalom because when women worship was themed – SHALOM

However let me put up a few scriptures for our unofficial day 18

When Jehovah Shalom shows up in your life. He doesn’t only bring serenity or calmness like we think. He comes with perfect well being meaning – Nothing missing Nothing broken. He comes with all spiritual prosperity, freedom from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts. Jehovah Shalom sticks with you even when everything around you is crumbling. His covenant commitment of peace won’t fall apart. You can be secure in that.

The beauty of Jehovah Shalom is what makes the Ibo people (a tribe in Nigeria) call him

Because once He comes on the scene trouble ceases. The storms of life obey Him.

Finally my prayer for you


pastor Mildred

One thought on “Jehovah Shalom – Obata Obie

  1. Amen and Amen.

    I am somehow sentimental to Jehovah Shalom, because we are namesake, and also because I understand that most times Jehovah Shalom happens to be the one who guides my decision-making process.

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