Alagbada Ina

Today is unofficially day 17 and our name of God for today is

The God who wears fire like a cloak.

God goes ahead and burns up anything that could stress you or make your victory difficult. That’s the God that Alagbada Ina is. He’s a consuming fire; a devouring fire.

He goes before us. Even in the face of danger He goes before us, leading us and clearing the oth quickly. He leads the way also as a pillar of fire.

Funny enough when the enemy wants to threaten us. He threatens us with fire. Just like the 3 Hebrew boys. He tells us if we don’t compromise and bow that we will be thrown into fire. Hey! But he doesn’t know us. We don’t fear fire. Our God is ALAGBADA INA – the one who wears fire like a garment

When the Hebrew boys were thrown in because they wouldn’t compromise, the king saw Alagbada Ina in action.

When I was meditating on this scripture the Lord reminded me of this breastfeeding shawl that I had when I still had nursing babies. It was like a poncho. I loved it because it was multi purpose. I would wear it when I was pregnant.

And then when I had my babies I would cover them in it when breastfeeding or in a room that was too cold or too hot or too bright. So my child was protected by something that was simply a cloak for me. That’s how our ALAGABADA INA is. Fire that we are afraid of he wears it like a garment and He covers us with it. That trouble is cloth for our God! That fire is not going to harm you. It won’t touch you and you will be so protected you will come out not smelling of smoke.

I’m so thankful that He is my ALAGABADA INA because of Him we never look like what we’ve been through.

Worship him with Nathaniel Bassey in this amazing song. Click here ALAGBADA INA

Okay guys gotta run


Pastor Mildred.

One thought on “Alagbada Ina

  1. My troubles are clothes for the fire Bender….Alagbada InaπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    This explains how HE makes me peaceful even when the world is crumbling around me😍😍😍


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