Hey people

So you know the drill by now. So today is day 14.

Yeah Day 14 not the date on the calendar

Hopefully you have been duly threatened so we won’t need to have this conversation again 😁

Seriously now though, Today’s prayer

God my strength!

God has truly been my strength. If you’ve ever needed strength then this should be a name you use regularly.

He is our strength. Not just physical strength but He is our strength in every area. I cannot count the number of times that I’ve almost given up on things in my life. Especially when I begin to feel overwhelmed.

It’s funny though that most times it’s even when we feel weak that Gods strength is revealed. It’s at that point that we see Jehovah Mauzzi show up. He’s the God who gives us the strength we need.

I love to call on Jehovah Ma’uzzi because a lot of times my life can really stretch me.

Sometimes I’m low on physical strength, sometimes spiritual strength, mental strength and even emotional strength. The good part is that whenever I feel low on strength I can call on Jehovah Ma’uzzi.

He has NEVER failed me. He shows up for me always and He’s the only reason I keep going every day.

Trust me once you call on Him your life will never be the same. He will infuse you with strength from within.


Pastor Mildred

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