I love it when we pray the Nigerian names of God.

Today being day 12 we pray a Yoruba name of God

The God who saves to the uttermost

The God who saves us fully and completely and continuously

The God who saves and saves completely. The God who saves us so flawlessly that we don’t even notice that we needed saving. He silences our enemies and trips them up with the exact traps they set for us.

He’s the mighty deliverer.

He’s the God who puts all the details of our danger into consideration when saving us so that we walk away unscathed and completely free with a testimony on every lip.

Listen to me. If you are ever in danger even if it is self inflicted. Don’t be afraid. AGBANILAGBATAN will show up. He will come and save you

God bless you


Pastor Mildred

One thought on “AGBANILAGBATAN

  1. Sometimes HE saves us without us even knowing that we were saved. Then on the day of rewards instead of the shame and heartbreak we deserved, we got Joy and recommendations.

    He does not just save’ HE gives us better options 😇😇

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