Day 10

At least that’s what it’s supposed to be so I’m calling those things that be not… just kidding. Anyway irrespective of what day it is today we still get to pray another amazing name of God and we will keep at this till day 30

Today the name of God we are praying is so personal for me.

Oh! This name just touches me in a very deep place because it deals with a very sensitive issue.

It didn’t really hit me as much as when God personally broke it down for me.

If you’ve ever been hurt so badly that you even wish the person dead then look at this

Look at that! God knew you would be offended. So He’s already taken care of it. It’s not taking him by surprise. So what do we do?

Is this easy? NO!!!! A big fat No!!! I should know. I’ve had many of these moments. So what do I do? I trust that Jehovah El Gemuwal will compensate me. I don’t focus on whether they are punished or not. It does me no good. My focus is on the compensation. The deeper the hurt the greater the compensation you are entitled to. So focus on that and don’t let the evil that people do change you

Before I go let me also sound this note of warning. Don’t forget that God is a just God so He punishes evil. So if you do evil to repay evil, God will repay you for the evil. So our prayer is Lord help me not to cause pain or offense too even as I await my compensation.

Got to run.


Pastor Mildred

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