Hey! Guys.

So a lot of stuff to do and sort out I ended up not blogging sorry. But hey I’m here now so…

On day 7 we prayed


Now interestingly if you were to type this into your computer. I’m betting if you were using Microsoft word that it would try to correct you by suggesting the Highest God. First time that happened to me it got me thinking….

The highest God would infer that he’s being compared to others. Not the EL ELYON. He stands alone unchallenged. He’s in a class all by Himself.

He’s the most high God the one who made the heavens and earth and everything in it. So He can’t be compared to any. He’s above all. God all by himself. The one who needs no help from anyone. Abraham totally understood this; He relied totally on God and gave Him all the glory. Lest you say you have made Abraham rich was his mantra. The EL ELYON did it all by Himself.

And make no mistake; He always comes through for us. If He can’t handle it no one else can.

With him you don’t need godfathers. You only need to be under the protection of God the father. When the matter gets to His table it can’t go any higher than that. It’s the final bus stop.

The good part is because we are his children that also means that we are gods. So life must respond to me the way it responds to God my father.

How awesome is that?

Today’s song is such a beautiful song by Nosa ft Nathaniel Bassey

I think He deserves a lot of praise. If you agree click Here for YOU ARE THE MOST HIGH

Okay people

I’m out.

Pastor Mildred

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