Hey people

it’s been such a refreshing time praying the names of God. And today is day 6. Interestingly in the Bible the number 6 is the number of Man and one of the qualities of man is that he needs help

So I believe that it’s no coincidence that today’s focus name of God is EBENEZER.

Actually it doesn’t literally mean My Helper it simply infers it. First mention of Ebenezer was after God helped the children of Israel defeat the philistines

This scripture is fire 🔥 ah! You need to catch this. After the victory, Samuel put a stone up as a testimonial that God had been the one helping them this far. When you call God EBENEZER, you are testifying. You are telling him you have been my help until now.

The Bible tells us that because they acknowledged the help of God that God continued to give them victory by subduing the philistines all the days of Samuel’s life. This tells me that thing that has been a thorn in your flesh will cease to have victory over you because of our EBENEZER.

Whenever you need help. Look to Him.

He is our helper and defender.

He protects and defends. You can put your trust in him.

I’ve come to realize that sometimes we put our hope in human beings forgetting that they are frail and even if they could help us a million things could come up that would make it impossible. Not our EBENEZER

Today raise a testimonial by thanking him for all the times he’s helped you and you would be shocked at how he has marvelously helped you. He’s the God who exaggerated your little efforts till they look like he things till the only explanation you have is that He has marvelously helped you

Okay my darlings. I really have to go

May EBENEZER’S help never be far from you.

For today’s worship JEHOVAH EBENEZER by Onos


Pastor Mildred

One thought on “EBENEZER

  1. Father, Thank you for all the times when you saved me from the bondage of addictions. Thank you for your Wisdom, strength, love and guidance. Thank you for always being with me!!!


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