I’ve been playing this song EKWUEME BY PROSPA OCHIMANA all day and I’ve literally had goose bumps all day. Every time I listen to it I’m completely wrecked in a good way. I’m blown away by the awesomeness of Ekwueme.

Today is the fourth day

And I’m seriously wondering how we will be at the end of the 30 days.

Today we pray

This name is very personal for me. It is one of the reasons why I love God so much – His Integrity. I don’t know about you but I cannot serve a two-faced God. One who changes his words at a whim or the slightest challenge. You see, words matter to me. They really mean a lot to me. It’s hard for me to ever trust someone who has lied to me or promised and consistently failed me. And because this world is full of people who don’t keep their promises or lie without missing a beat, it’s important to me that my God is different. I need to rest in the fact that He is true to His word.

This right here is what makes Him my Ekwueme: The God who says and does. The God who keeps his promises.

The God who takes His word so seriously that He has even magnified it above His name. How won’t I worship Him?

He not only speaks. He is God all by himself. No one in His class. He can boldly declare the end of a matter from the very beginning because He knows He will make it happen. You need to understand that EKWUEME has the final say. He can boldly declare a thing because He will make it happen.

I remember waiting on God for my children and He kept giving me promises back to back. Every where I turned there was a firm assurance that I would have my children against all odds and doctor’s reports. Only EKWUEME can do that.

Eventually I had two baby girls but I wanted a boy. EKWUEME told me that it would happen

It was a good word and my response was that I would tell the whole world that what God says is what He does. So when my son arrived I named him

David IFECHUKWUKUKOME Okonkwo meaning what God said is what He did.

That simply is the definition of EKWUEME. He is the God who says what He does and does what He says.

No matter how long it takes. If God has told you something it will happen. No matter how long it takes. Hold on. It will happen because with EKWUEME delay is not denial.

Okay I’ve got to run but let me remind you of something I always say

So search the scriptures.

Love you guys. Remember prayers at 3pm on IG live @pastormildred

And I share so it’s saved for 24hours on my instastory.


Pastor Mildred

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