Day 1: YHWH

Hey people

Oh! How I’ve missed saying that but I’m back now at least for 30days. Hopefully at least

It’s been such a Roller coaster in the last couple of months and as exciting as this has been I’ve pretty much felt like I’ve been holding on for dear life.

I probably have to come Back and give you that gist but today I’m here because for the next 30 days I’m doing a prayer series on Instagram and I thought you would like to be a part of it.

I’m really excited about this.

Today is the first day

and today we are praying with the name God himself introduced himself with.

This is really interesting because God didn’t just introduce himself as YAHWEH, by giving us that name He actually gave us a blank Cheque. He said I AM ________________________________ meaning I am everything you need me to be.

He is my everything God !

Timeless, Ageless, Generationless God. YAHWEH the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is still the God of Mildred. Always relevant.

YAHWEH the God who anticipated all my needs and His response is I AM. So whenever I need anything He responds with I AM THAT …

I tell you He is worth worshipping in prayer. The more I meditate as I pray I feel like He’s becoming even more magnified in my eyes. I’m seeing so many possibilities in the name YAHWEH.

I have such a great feeling about these next 30 days. It’s going to be awesome.

Spread the word ok? And join me on IG for prayer everyday. Also subscribe here so you can get

I promise you. It’s going to be so rewarding.

Okay people. I’ve got to run.

Feels so good to be back though.

Love ya

Pastor Mildred.

Before I go let me quickly give you a clip from my song for the day. It’s a really beautiful and anointed song.

You should go listen to the full song on YouTube. Search for Yahweh by blessing Jude Okeke

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  1. My Yahweh….God of Samantha, my everything, my rescuer, my provider, my lover, my 1st husband, my way maker, protocol changer, game changer…my Kingđź’•

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