Jehovah Nissi

Today being unofficially day 22… We have an understanding guys. Let’s maintain it. Great 😂😂😂 I’m kinda enjoying bullying you guys just a tad bit 😂😂😂 So anyways, back to business. Today our prayer focus is on JEHOVAH NISSI – the Lord our banner. A banner was a emblem that identified an army. Moses built an altar after God helped them win their battles declaring … Continue reading Jehovah Nissi

Jehovah Sabaoth (Lord of Hosts)

Hey people So we are getting closer to actual days. So a few more posts and we are done having unofficial days 😉 Today is day 21 by the way. I’m sure you already knew that even though it’s unofficial. You catch on quite quickly. 😀 Any way today the name of God we are focusing on is one that I’ve written about quite a … Continue reading Jehovah Sabaoth (Lord of Hosts)

Jehovah Shalom – Obata Obie

Today I don’t think I should do much talking at all. Remember last year we had a full season of blogging about Shalom because when women worship was themed – SHALOM However let me put up a few scriptures for our unofficial day 18 When Jehovah Shalom shows up in your life. He doesn’t only bring serenity or calmness like we think. He comes with … Continue reading Jehovah Shalom – Obata Obie

Jehovah Mauzzi

Hey people So you know the drill by now. So today is day 14. Yeah Day 14 not the date on the calendar Hopefully you have been duly threatened so we won’t need to have this conversation again 😁 Seriously now though, Today’s prayer God my strength! God has truly been my strength. If you’ve ever needed strength then this should be a name you … Continue reading Jehovah Mauzzi