*Struts in like a princess*

*Waves wand and everything turns to gold*

*Sits majestically as the tune from the now golden Piano serenades the atmosphere *



That was the whole vibe of Project girl 2019 – Magical. Everything screamed royalty, from the tiaras on the girls to the grand entrance and the entire ambience.  dsc3142-1dsc3140-1I went “Awwwwwwwwww” when I saw the little princesses in the different expressions of their personalities, some in ball gowns and others in jeans with none feeling superior to the other._DSC3216_DSC3210It passed the message of ‘equality before God’ irrespective of status or style. What might have wowed me the most however was the inclusion of not just fun but intellectual and physical activities right before the princesses were treated to the banquet. _DSC3198

_DSC3202_DSC3204_DSC3176The importance of raising girls with the awareness that being a princess isn’t all about sitting pretty and the ‘baby girl’ lifestyle but the ability to solve problems cannot be over emphasized. _DSC3238_DSC3241

The girls were welcomed into the hall by 5 Bible princesses- Esther, Rebecca, Mary, Miriam and Jael and soon after led in worship and praise with some dancing. They radiated with pure joy and not a care in this world, some adults behind could only wish.  _DSC3339_DSC3350_DSC3278_DSC3329The bible princesses came up one after the other to share their stories in various forms, _DSC3396_DSC3475_DSC3411_DSC3379_DSC3436_DSC3385_DSC3444_DSC3387_DSC3455_DSC3463some  singing, others dancing and miming It felt like a real life Disney movie with some praying in tongues at some point. _DSC3474Yes, princesses should be able to slay spiritually too. 

The Bible princesses were now ready to receive the little princesses in their palaces. _DSC3512_DSC3518_DSC3521_DSC3523Here they told stories, asked questions, learnt crafts and of course, no one comes to a palace and leaves without a gift. The girls with princess Esther made colourful throw pillows to decorate their spaces with, Princess Miriam after dancing with them gave them tambourines and woven baskets, Princess Mary left her little princess with their own little ‘baby Jesus ‘and instructions on how to take care of them, princess Rebecca taught her girls to make perfumes and princess Jael gave her girls jewellery boxes. The twelve year old princesses had a special sitting with the Queen mother, Pastor M. _DSC3563As it is their last year as preteens and they needed some real life briefing on what to expect in their teenage years. 

The little princesses had their hands full with gifts, their minds full with knowledge and their bellies full with every rich meal you could possibly find in a King’ s palace and then more gifts!


With all that fun and knowledge imparted, the girls will not be forgetting this day in a hurry. 


Report from one of the parents the next day – “ My daughter woke up this morning , went straight for her tambourine and asked ‘ Mummy , are we going to see princess Miriam today?” “.

This had to be the cutest thing I heard all August. 

Let’s do this again next year, shall we?


2 thoughts on ““WHO ARE YOU?” “I AM GOD’S PRINCESS! ” #PROJECTGIRL2019

  1. Simply outstanding! The whole concept and idea is just amazing. I have no doubt that the little princesses left with a renewed knowledge of how precious and loved they are, a renewed sense of self worth and bags of fun to boot! I hope this comes to the UK sometime and i would love to be involved. God bless 🥰


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