My When Women Worship Experience – Aisosa Charles-Enoma

This year’s When Women Worship was for me. This is one year that has been tough, when I say tough, chaiiiii it has been tough. 
It reminded me of visiting day in secondary school; boarding house. It was like I was waiting for my parents to come on visiting day so I will tell them all that my seniors have been doing to me.
When I heard of the theme for this year I was excited and since my father and his armies were coming I decided to come too with my expectations.
The daily meetings in church and prayer were great. But In my heart I was so preparing for FRIDAY because I knew my father and his angels were coming.
I hurried to church with my baby to wait for my Father and His Angels. I patiently waited for 6:30pm. The doors were opened and we all rushed in.
In my heart I was like oohhhoo God they didn’t bring the promise for us to pick, why?? (Because we usually pick at the entrance)  I was looking forward to picking my promise. 
Then, Deborah Akeredolu started her ministration. I don’t even know if I was still in that hall because I had an experience that I can’t even explain.
I was brought back when a pretty lady tapped me and asked me to pick my promise. With excitement I put my hand in the bowl and I picked out one.
I opened it and after reading I just started crying. Like I wasn’t able to control myself, and I said: God you actually knew all that I have been through.
My Promise
When God gives you a word and it begins with Relax, just know that you have to Relax.
When the word says Rest just know that you have been anxious and it’s time to rest.
When the word says everything is going to be all right
know that EVERYTHING is EVERYTHING including those things you didn’t even know or pray about.
Then it ends with Open your hearts Love is on the way
chaiiiiiiiiii I cant even help it I am over joyed!


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