My When Women Worship Experience – Chisom Nwobodo


Hi Ladies!

So, I have literally had to give myself a “breathe, relax” talk since Friday last week because the girl has been pumped high on confidence, joy, and peace.  

Am I the only one?  You know when you know that your father is the commander in chief of the greatest army ever known and He has commanded them to be on your defense and protection 24-7, that knowing changes you.


Let me take you to the beginning.

When Women Pray with Pastor IsiIMG-20190606-WA0015

What comes to mind when you hear a theme as ” Jehova Sabaoth: Lord of the angel armies”?  Battle abi? Ok. That was how I went to WWP  with a long list of enemies  I needed to take care of but our Pastor M went up and burst my angry bubble,_DSC3593 turned out we weren’t going to be doing any fighting, all we needed to do was focus on loving the Lord while He did all the fighting.

While I was still trying to change my focus, Pastor Isi got up the podium.

_DSC3613 Heeeeeeyyy!!! Let me just be honest, we weren’t ready for what hit us.  Ahhhhh! it was fire!  Refining, redefining, repositioning fire!_DSC3508_DSC3514_DSC3608

Prophecies went forth, hearts were reignited and a generation of women who would be armored tanks in the Lord’s army were birthed. Meetings like this are for experiencing, reading about it doesn’t even come close. We left When Women Pray knowing that ‘It’ has been taken care of._DSC3680_DSC3706_DSC3751_DSC3623


When Women Worship.


In the usual WWW fashion, there was a crowd of God-hungry ladies in their grey t-shirts outside the auditorium before 6:30pm waiting for the doors to be open._DSC4066 (1)_DSC4059_DSC4060

In a second, I pictured the last day when the Lord comes to take us home and I spot all these familiar faces ascending next to me, ayyyeee groove!!!

The doors were finally open and it was heaven on earth. The mood lights, decor, and the whole ambiance set the atmosphere right. My two cents say the whole idea was definitely downloaded from heaven.


Deborah Akeredolu opened with Hillsong’s Even when it hurts and King of glory by Todd Dulaney together with TRI and Rock Extreme. A Powerful ministration with a semblance of the 24 elders and the heavenly bodies rendering worship to God._DSC4161_DSC4166

img_2546-880278939.jpgimg_2516270785816.jpgThe moment the king came during her worship and gave her a new glorious garment and a crown, It hit me….

Heeeey!!  I am the chosen of God, His beloved, His daughter in whom He is well pleased and I will see too with my eyes how He sees me if I stay in the worship of Him. See ehn, my mind was blown, there was nothing left. (If you were not there please go to justusgirlsglobal on youtube and watch it)_DSC4152_DSC4184_DSC4183

We just really came to celebrate our victory, the battle had already been won.  Ernieola Olusoga led us in some holy ghost praise and it was a complete throw down._DSC4254_DSC4357_DSC4359_DSC4399_DSC4389_DSC43292d957667-518f-463e-8e87-9e6511d74187002eed89-a47e-4670-bd42-8c934b3371b9ad0c9b86-0772-4f85-a0b7-d3ae534038b9283c8ac8-7807-4727-bc74-130f768d38cc

If I could, I would feel sorry for the devil, If only he had known. ROTFL.

Preye Odede then came with a message of restoration and comfort in music form. Jehova  Ekwueme – If He says it, consider it done.


He really did speak the heart of God. So powerful a ministration that extra time was allotted to him.

No When Women Worship meeting  ever ends without Pastor M ministering and imparting. Cloaks  of shame were torn off, wounded hearts were healed and women received their babies…. From  April next year now , baby dedication everywhere.


Our attention had to be called to what the time was and we were literally almost shooed home. Left to us, we were ready to groove all night. We won ladies, We Won!

Can’t wait for next year’s edition.

from a very excited and extremely confident child of Jehovah Sabaoth

Chisom Nwobodo

3 thoughts on “My When Women Worship Experience – Chisom Nwobodo

  1. Chisom dear thank you for this recap, it literally captured everything. Our Jehovah Sabaoth 💃💃💃


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