Jehovah Sabaoth recap

Hi Ladies, was this the best weekend ever or what???


Actually, it really was our best week. When Women Pray and



When Women Worship



on the Island and Mainland were hits back to back. We had defining encounters with Jehovah Sabaoth!!!


Hey! How could you miss such a meeting?? Ehn, how??

giphy (1).gif

I am just being dramatic.

Anyhow, it was a journey into depths in God. And as is our custom, because we really really love you, we would try to recap the last one week in the best way that we can. But you can bet that no words can fully describe what happened these four super amazing days. No words can come close. You just have to live through it to best appreciate it. But we are committed to this, so let’s start with #WhenWomenPray with Pastor Isi Igenegba.

Talk about a woman of prayer! Oh my God! We call her PI of the Most High God. We didn’t know what hit us when this beautifully anointed woman began to minister with such fluent prophetic grace.

You know, some of us got to the meeting thinking we were going to war as Jehovah Sabaoth served justice to our enemies. But, we soon learned in Pastor Mildred’s words that Jehovah Sabaoth is not our errand boy.

God told us not to worry about the enemies outside our camp, as He had his host of heavenly forces battle ready to take care of them. He wanted us to address the enemies within our camp; residing in our own hearts making us vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy.

So, He took us on a journey of personal consecration.

It was a detailed cleansing. We were ushered into new realms of hearing and understanding God and recognizing spiritual authority.

A new breed of praying women with fresh grace to break grounds and stand strong against the enemy arose from those two prayer meetings.

Mantles for intercession were released. The yoke of confusion was shattered and endless cycles of brokenness ended. God reached into as far as ten to thirty years in history of each life to destroy limiting cycles and set his daughters free, and so He ushered us into our glorious destinies. #WhenWomenPray 2019 was a glorious awakening.

This month of June was declared to be the month of transition. An army of women who understand kingdom government and authority with armed and dangerous angelic backing arose.

So, you can imagine how ready we were after that meeting for When Women Worship!!!!!! God bless PI for letting God use her in such an amazing manner and for sharing with us her personal journeys with God.


When Women Worship was so beautiful. The ambience was like walking into heaven. It didn’t matter where you were coming from once you got into that hall, you were transported into a realm of white radiant glory with floating angels.

At the meeting on the Island, Pastor Mildred led the opening prayers and we shared some warm squishy reassuring hugs with each other.

Then, the amazing opener by a treasure in secret places as Pastor Mildred calls her, Deborah Akeredolu, singing Even When It Hurts by Hillsong United and King of glory by Todd Dulaney.

She was joined by The Rock Extreme and The Rock Image dressed like angels after which they shared the promises.

Those promises… Ah!!!! We will get to them later. 

Deborah also led such a deep worship of God that left us undone before Jehovah Sabaoth.

Then, the praise warrior Ernieola Olusoga brought in another dimension of worship and praise.

The moment she opened her mouth heaven stood at attention. Talk about reckless worship when she raised this unique sound!! We sang, danced and rejoiced in our Jehovah Sabaoth.

Then, all the way from Portharcourt, Preye Odede brought a distinct anointing of worship. He knew how to magnify God! 

Every challenge that may have walked into that room that night with any woman bowed out as he worshipped.

He charged us to stand firm on the promises of God no matter what, as God commands the heavenly host with us to come through on God’s word.

Each one of the songs he sang came from a place of deep conviction and defining encounters. He prophetically declared a restoration.


The remarkable thing about each of the ministers we had at #WhenWomenWorship is that each had their own revelation of God from a personal experience and it reflected in their worship. Each carried a unique anointing. It was indescribable.

We thought we had gotten the best of God that night until our own Pastor Mildred went up. Then, the angel armies drew their swords!

God began a quick work to make things right for his daughters as He promised.

Remember He had told us during our fruit fast that He is the God who fights correctly !

_DSC4581When she came up after Preye Odede she told us not to sit down as she would soon be done. But God had other plans. It was a mixture of inspired teaching, intercession, prophetic ministration and impartation. She carried out the assignment God gave her for us that Friday. What a night indeed!

We streamed live on Youtube so you can watch the whole Island Edition of When Women Worship there.

And if Island was this amazing, you can’t begin to imagine what went down on Sunday at the Mainland.


Doors opened at exactly 4:30pm and before you could bat an eyelid, the hall was filled with throngs of women in their tee shirts ready for Jehovah Sabaoth that night!

They were not there to play.

This time Pastor Mildred didn’t go up first to welcome the guests. No. The countdown started and cued in the opener. But then, we couldn’t tell when it stopped and the minstrel, Deborah started ministering.

Hearts ready for God caught fire and worshipped the Lord their God.

It was Preye Odede’s birthday!!! What a joy to celebrate his day with him as he led another amazing worship session.

Then, Ernieola came to announce that we were there to extol the name of Jesus, rejoice and call God to battle.


And before you could say ‘worship’, women went crazy in worship and praise.

Then, Pastor Mildred ministered. We all know what happens when Mama handles the mic. But this time, it was different! For one full hour it was an overflow of unusual prophetic grace.

God silenced mockers, released babies and gave specific instructions on fighting right and walking in love towards those who hurt us as she ministered. At one point, you would think we were at a Hannah’s Heart Conference. The unction was so strong for miracle babies.

And then, she charged us to praise our way through any challenge that may try to confront us going forward for our Jehovah Sabaoth is fighting for us. And our only job is to stay calm and praise our way through.

Then, because it was also Father’s Day, we got the Father’s Blessing. Pastor Kingsley spoke into our lives and sealed all that God had done for us. ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ™Œ


Obviously, When Women Worship 2019 is not like any other. It couldn’t have been. We don’t ever have a better yesterday.

This is how we fight our battles!! Whew!!!

By the way, If you were wondering who is the brain or should I say the heart behind all the beautiful decor we get at our Just Us Girls meetings. Her name is Amaka Adeite, the CEO of @myvelvetweddings and we totally love her.

Many thanks to our beautiful Pastor M

for always insisting on the best at all our events. We love you much much Ma ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

When we hugged this last time as When Women Worship came to a close, it was the knowing kind. We all knew how far God had brought us and we were exceedingly grateful.

We were so full of God’s love and confident peace as we went to our various homes. We were convinced God had us covered.

Thanks, Everyone.

Chidimma Okafor

Reporting for Just Us Girls

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