Hey!!! Hey!!! Heyyyyyyyy!!!!!

That’s how I have been screaming since I saw this.

I burst out in tongues once I saw this…. so good I had to slap myself.

I mean I’ve been trying to study on the meaning of the name

So the Holy Spirit took me to 1Samuel 17; where he was called Yahweh Sabaoth. Interestingly I had checked out many versions of that scripture when David was faced with Goliath

All the versions ministered to me differently

My God -the God of the angel armies

Then I saw His military side – Lord of the Heavenly Forces. Kai! I don’t fight alone. I have all of the heavenly forces at my disposal. Hmmm…. see it for yourself

He’s the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. I cannot say it enough I have heavens armies at my disposal. This is what gave David confidence to fight Goliath.

I’m now more aware that the things I fight with are not seen. My weapons are not carnal. David had this consciousness – you cannot fight David and win!

All of heaven was backing him up against Goliath.

Funny this past year has been so eventful. I’ve experienced really deep lows and very high highs. I’ve seen terrible betrayals worse than anything I’ve ever seen in ministry but one thing I’m confident of is that the Lord and all of heaven’s armies are fighting for me

As I read this it dawned on me that no matter what anyone throws at us our response should be to come at them with the name of Jehovah sabaoth the Lord of hosts. The God who fights for us while we hold our peace. The Lord the man of war. The God who fights correctly. The God who RIGHTS ALL WRONGS AGAINST US.

Ah! To be honest I was so excited. You cannot offend me o! Even when you do it secretly I have a God who avenges even secret wrongs. To be honest I’d hate to be my own enemy right now

To think I thought I had hit gold until I saw this version.

I first did a double take

Then when it really hit me …

Wait! You don’t know what this means? Jehovah Sabaoth is THE GOD OF THE BATTLE LINES !

This means the battle line has been drawn and this should make you sit up and pay attention.

And depending on which side of the divide you stand on… hmmm

One thing I’ve learned over time is if you have a covenant with God you can rest. God’s literally got your back.

Anyone who tries to hurt you even secretly.

Well, God is coming for them

Lol! I can be so dramatic but trust me they probably have it worse than you will ever know. Rest assured God’s got your back

I repeat Don’t worry about what people say or do behind your back. God sees in secret and he will repay accordingly.

Don’t worry about your difficult boss, mean husband or the Judases around you. God is not mocked.

When Jehovah Sabaoth comes on board all scores will be settled.

And as for the ones who intentionally try to hurt you because they know you are a Christian; they are upset because you know who you are in Christ, when you tell them not to mess with you and they mock you …

well let’s just say that like Goliath they will soon find out.

Relax ! Jehovah Sabaoth is involved

In fact, go to sleep

Ok but not literally. if it’s Sunday morning then you should probably get up and go to church. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

okay guys gotta run. I’m writing this in the car in between services. About to go in for third service.

Here are a few reminders


Pastor M


  1. Heyyyyy! My God! I can rest, because God’s got my back, even when it feels like a raging storm, and even when it feels like hundreds are against me, I am at peace, in Shalom! This just feels like a continuation of last year’s, just sliding into the next realm of glory. God is not mocked sha, never! Jehovah Sabaoth!

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  2. Hmmmm… Now I understand why the devil kept me from reading this post.

    The Battle has changed… Because now I know who I have!!


    I’m ready!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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