Day 13 – A Way Of Escape

Hey ladies Time for more praying. Is it getting easier? Is God speaking to you about your husband or showing you things about your future together. Remember hearing God is more important than speaking to him. Today our prayer focus is on a way of escape because temptation will come. It’s a natural part if life. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t need to pray not … Continue reading Day 13 – A Way Of Escape

Day 12 – Just Hanging Out

Hello my darlings It’s so nice to have people walking the same path with you on the same assignment. I like having so many prayer partners 😄😄😄😄 Okay so today our prayer focus is on something that has the power to determine the outcome of a mans life. who are your husband’s friend? If you like them. Pray to keep them. If you don’t like … Continue reading Day 12 – Just Hanging Out

Day 11 – The Best Pathway

Hey ladies Today’s prayer is crucial because it saves you and your husband unnecessary stress and untold hardship. For me true success is getting to your destination via your own ordained pathway. The beauty of this is that not only is God showing you the best path way, he’s also guiding you in the path. Pray 1. That your husband will have continuous guidance from … Continue reading Day 11 – The Best Pathway

Day 9 – When He Is Thirsty

Hi ladies I’m back and today We are praying about something I pray never finds its way into your homes because it is horrible, devastating and can totally destroy a marriage. Sadly a lot of men believe the lie that it’s no big deal especially if they treat their wives well. They say it’s just sex. It’s separate from what I have with my wife … Continue reading Day 9 – When He Is Thirsty