Day 31- without walls.

We’re here ladies.!!!!

Finish line

I know usually once your breast cuts that tape at the finish line you are thrilled beyond measure but this is one time I’m actually sad to hit the finish line.

I’m going to miss doing this daily. Finding time to pray for ten minutes everyday for my husband at the sane runs everyday. I loved the thrill of running up stairs just to make it in time. Praying in the car, on the road, doing whatever it took to make it to you in time.

I Also enjoyed sharing my prayers for my husband with you. Remember you can get the bundle and enjoy praying with me everyday for the rest of the year.

The prayer journal book

The audio book that you can pop into your car or download on your mobile devices.

The prayer CD where I actually pray and worship with you. No holds barred. Tongues and all.

Anyhow last prayer focus

when a man lacks self control he can lose everything you have prayed and worked for. Every man must be disciplined enough to be comfortable with using the word NO! When necessary.

NO to stealing

NO to cheating

NO to gluttony

NO to lying

NO to indiscipline

He just must be able to say NO!!!

Let us pray that

1. Your husband produces and exhibits slam the fruit of the spirit especially self-control.

2. Your husband will know when to say NO! and stick to it.

3. Your husband’s life and destiny is preserved because his life is a city with well-guarded walls

In Jesus name

Since it’s the last day Here’s another free video because I love you guys and I’m already missing you

Okay ladies

Got to run. It’s service time. See you at 3pm. I would also like to pray for other prayer points you may have and give counsel where necessary.

Before I go though Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers in the world especially my Hannah’s Heart mummies.


Pastor M

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