Day 30 – What is good.

Hello ladies

It’s day 30. Can you imagine? We are so close to the finish line now and for some reason I’m sad it’s almost over

It’s been a really crazy ride – praying in the car, running up the stairs, in the kitchen, in my bedroom , in the office , literal anywhere that 3pm meets me. One thing was sure no matter what I was able to find 10 minutes to pray for my husband daily.

Bottom line you cannot be too busy you must be able to find 10 minutes somewhere in the day to pray for your husband. We made it work this month, you can make it work for the rest of the year.

Today our prayer focus is

This is not just us tooting our own horns. This is God’s word describing the beauty of the marriage covenant. Marriage has a lot of benefits and favor is one of them.

You are a favor carrier and you have been found by your husband so favour must be released in his life.

Let us pray

1. Thank God that the set time to favor your husband is now.

2. That God will surround your husband with favor as a shield so that he is exempt from evil consequences and selected for good things to continually plague him

3. That the favor of God will bring him things he can never earn by labor.

In Jesus name

I’m getting ready for the Leading Women Conference

Where are my pastors wives and women in ministry ? Please come out let’s spend time together. God has a word for you.

See you there


Pastor M

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