Day 29 – Overtaking Is Allowed!

Hey ladies

How are you doing?

Today’s prayer focus is crucial. Very very crucial.

I pray this especially because sometimes if your husband is making progress you may not remember to desire miracles that can speed up the process. You will justify it by saying the people ahead of him have better qualifications or more opportunities so he’s not doing too badly with what he’s been handed in life.

Well, think again. Elijah was running against people seemingly more advantaged than him and when the hand of God cane on him even though he was running on foot he outran them. That’s our God and He can do the same for your husband. God didn’t list out his disadvantages. He blessed him anyway.

So today we pray

1. That God’s hand will be mighty upon your husband so he will overtake those seemingly more advantaged than him.

2. That God will break all protocol and move your husband considerably ahead of his peers

3. That God’s mercy, grace and Favour will take him into levels he only ever imagined.

In Jesus name.

Let’s keep praying ladies 10 minutes every day can change his life forever.

Love pastor M

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