Day 24 – Secret Desires.

Hello ladies

Today is a such an exciting day for me

We officially launch Hannah’s Heart Conference yaaaayyyy!!!

I cannot wait to have you there.

However this does not mean we will not be praying for our husbands. No! Nothing can stop us 😁

Today this is our prayer focus

Today let us pray

1. That all your husband’s desires even the secret ones will be granted to him.

2. That his desires will always be in line with God’s will for him

3. That your husband will make plans in line with God’s desire for him.

4. That God will give your husband the strength and strategy to follow through on all the plans he makes.

5. That God will cause all your husbands plans to succeed

In Jesus name

Okay ladies, gotta go. I need to prepare for the conference. Pray for me.


Pastor M

3 thoughts on “Day 24 – Secret Desires.

  1. Amen!
    Good morning Mama. So excited about Hannah’s Heart Conference. Chains will be broken and blind eyes open in Jesus name. As many as have been waiting will receive their miracle babies. Glory to God! Hallelujah!

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