Day 20 – Intoxicating Enjoyment

11 more days to go ladies. Did you think we would be here by now? I almost didn’t think we’d make it past the first week. And here we are now Still going strong

today we are praying about our marriage. Don’t let anyone deceive you marriage requires some serious work however God doesn’t expect it to be a chore. It’s meant to be enjoyed.

Your husband is meant to enjoy marriage with you.

Today we will pray

1. That your marriage will be blessed and your husband will enjoy being married to you.

2. That your breasts will satisfy him at all times till he is intoxicated by you. That your husband will find all that he needs in you.

3. That your sex life will keep getting better every year and you will both not be bored sexually.

Okay ladies gotta run.

Please remember Hannah’s Heart Conference is this weekend. Tell any woman you know who needs to be there.


Pastor M

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