Day 19 – Let Him Ask

Today’s prayer is not something to be joked with at all. As a leader your husband will need to make a lot of decisions. Some of the decisions he will take will have direct effect on your life and that of your children. So praying for wisdom is a non- negotiable

Let’s pray that

1. Your husband will always remember that wisdom is available and take advantage of it.

2. Your husband will be like Solomon and always ask God for wisdom to lead you and your family

3. Your husband will never be stranded. He will know what to do and when to do it at all times.

In Jesus name.

2 thoughts on “Day 19 – Let Him Ask

  1. Amen lord we ask for wisdom, that my husband will at all times seek you for wisdom, He will be like Solomon, he won’t seek popular opinion but will seek you instead and that He will never be stranded because You will always give him direction. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

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  2. Good morning Mama, I have been following and praying for my husband though I’m yet to be married… I have also been praying for me; Because I’m in Dare need of these prayers.

    There’s absolutely no doubt that God hears and answers me, the one I don’t trust is Me.

    I want God’s wisdom’ Need Him to practically knock me whenever I wanna misbehave.

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