Day 15 – The Heart of The Matter.

Hello people

I cannot believe we’ve gone half way. we’ve hit half time ladies!!!!

However no break for you. 😁😁😁😁

Praying for your husband is a life time assignment. One you must never get tired of. Like I said during one of the Instagram live sessions praying for your husband is actually like praying for yourself because if he’s doing well then he gives you peace also to focus on doing well in your own life.

A frustrated man will also frustrate his wife. Men always lash out at those closest to them. Just look at Adam, the first man caught making a mess of things and what did he say? ” It was the woman you gave me. ”

and since then the narrative has been not changed.

Today we pray for something very crucial…, your husband’s heart. This prayer is so crucial because human beings are controlled from the heart. That’s why the Bible says guard your heart.

The state of his heart is crucial. That’s what makes it a matter of such importance. When all is said and doNe. you So today we pray with our focus on this scripture

Our prayer is that

1.your husband will be a man after God’s heart. A man who loves God intensely

2,your husband will be a man who obeys God quickly and at all times.

3. He will continually long for God and his heart will always be tender towards God.

God bless you darlings


Pastor m

6 thoughts on “Day 15 – The Heart of The Matter.

  1. Dear Lord we are still praying, hear all our prayers, heal our homes , build our marriages, fight our battles , let our marriages be the way you designed it to be and keep our homes happy

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