Day 13 – A Way Of Escape

Hey ladies

Time for more praying. Is it getting easier? Is God speaking to you about your husband or showing you things about your future together. Remember hearing God is more important than speaking to him.

Today our prayer focus is on a way of escape because temptation will come. It’s a natural part if life. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t need to pray not to be led into it.

However the important thing is that there is always a way of escape.

so today we will pray

1. That your husband will not be led into temptation and he will be delivered from every evil.

2. That no matter the temptation your husband will ALWAYS see a way of escape.

3. That your husband will not magnify temptation but he will see it as something common and if common then to men then It can be overcome because it has been overcome by others before him.

In Jesus name

Bye darlings


Pastor m

4 thoughts on “Day 13 – A Way Of Escape

  1. mama, i dont know how you do this but daily, the prayer points are what your son; Bankole needs. mama, God bless you.


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