Day 11 – The Best Pathway

Hey ladies

Today’s prayer is crucial because it saves you and your husband unnecessary stress and untold hardship.

For me true success is getting to your destination via your own ordained pathway.

The beauty of this is that not only is God showing you the best path way, he’s also guiding you in the path.


1. That your husband will have continuous guidance from God.

2. That God will show him the best pathway for his life.

3. That his ears will constantly be open to hear godly counsel and he will be quick to obey God on instructions he gets from the Holy Spirit.

4. He will never be stranded because divine direction will constantly be accessible to him.

In Jesus name.

Ok ladies I’ve got to go but I will be back tomorrow .

Keep praying for your husbands


Pastor M

3 thoughts on “Day 11 – The Best Pathway

  1. I’m just joining and I’m excited to have prayed tonight. Looking forward to more prayer posts. Thank you ma’m.

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