Renewed Life

hey ladies

Wow! One week already!!!!

I know how much satan fought to keep us from praying and how much strife and trouble he’s been stirring up just to get us discouraged but we’re having none of it.

In fact NOT EVER!!!!

Let me tell you once he starts putting lies in your head about why you shouldn’t pray for your husband just send him where he belongs

Don’t give him the time of day.


Yesterday we prayed for long life for our husbands. Today we pray that they will age well. No one wants an invalid on their hands for the rest of their lives.

So today our focus is on this

We pray ….

1. That your husband’s life will be renewed daily by the life of God

2. That your husband will age well his eyes will not dim, he will not go blind.

3. That he will not have any age related diseases – high bp, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, prostrate cancer, etc

4. That your husband will have an active mind. He will not go senile.

5. That your husband will get stronger. As his days are so shall his strength be.

In Jesus name.

Remember we pray at 3pm every day.

Bye darlings

Pastor M

2 thoughts on “Renewed Life

  1. Such a powerful dimension to consider when we pray for long life. Thank you mama for this. Can’t wait for today’s prayer point. It feels super amazing doing this. It’s like an adventure with Jesus

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