Day 5 – Faith Not Fear

hey ladies so today we pray about something that’s very important to me. I personally cannot stand a fearful man. It’s a total turn off for me.

Fear is a spirit and spirits permeate generations if not dealt with. I don’t want any spirit that is not the Holy Spirit operating in my husbands life or my family. Fear has torment.

It will escalate and enlarge things that don’t even exist. However fear has an antidote and it is faith.

Today our prayer is

1.That your husband will respond to situations with faith and not fear

2.That he will be a man full of faith- a faith FULL man. (See what I did there? 😉)

3. That because your husband is a man of faith he will not be afraid to dream big , carry out projects seemingly bigger than him and be all that God has called him to be.

In Jesus name.

Bye ladies


Pastor M

9 thoughts on “Day 5 – Faith Not Fear

  1. BANKOLE is a Faith Full man. He lives in Faith and not fear. BANKOLE does BIIIIIG things like his God. BANKOLE is in the fore front of his career…in Jesus name…Aaaamen. Thank you mama

  2. Amen. My husband is full of faith, not fear, he does things without the fear of failing, he has faith in God and goes to God for strength , Grace and all. He does Big things , calls those things that are not as though they are. In Jesus name, 🙏

  3. Austin will be full of faith.He will achieve all the Lord has created him to be.He comfronts every situation in faith.Austin walks by Faith and not by sight in Jesus Name.

  4. Thank you so much Pastor Mildred for these prayers, I really love them. I wondering if there is a plan to have a prayer gathering sometime within this month where we could all come and pray for our Husbands.

  5. Uzoma is a man FULL of Faith. He’s not afraid of failing. He is not afraid to dreams big and he does big things because he has a BIG God. He is becoming all that God has created him to be. He is taking bold steps by Faith, in Jesus name, Ameeeeenmm

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