Day 3 – Money Magnet

Hey ladies it’s day 3

Today we get to pray about something men understand all too well

Something that affects us all. If you are married you probably have encountered the effects of money or the lack of it.

Long romantic walks where we hold hands and look into each other’s eyes are good. In fact I love long romantic walks

Don’t get me wrong o! I know money can’t buy happiness

I’m joking o! I’m not really a materialistic person but not having to worry about money in marriage helps you focus on other things.

So on to today’s prayer


Today we are praying about MONEY

Pray that….

1. Your husband will be a money magnet

2. Your husband will prosper in EVERY currency

3. Money will flow towards your husband

4. Your husband will make , manage and multiply money

5. Your husband will not be so desperate that he will do illegal things to get money

6. Your husband will be able to pay all his bills -rent, school fees, hospital bills , etc and all your needs will be met and he will be able to do everything in his heart to give your children the best #legacy

7. Your husband will constantly see God as his source and not any man.

In Jesus name

See you on IG live for prayers at 3pm Nigerian time


Pastor m

4 thoughts on “Day 3 – Money Magnet

  1. I love how you said not having to worry about money allows you focus on other things. So true. Thank you for sharing ma. I love coming here every morning to see the fast focus of the day

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