It’s OVERFLOW Season babyyy!

Ladies! can I hear you say, “It’s OVERFLOW season babyyy!!! Come on, say it again, with some attitude this time!


“It’s OVERFLOW Season baby!”

Can we just take a moment to give immense gratitude to God for how much of a blessing Just Us Girls’ Overflow was? Oh dear Father, may we never ever ever recover from this in Jesus name!


Oh this our God! just when you think He has wow’d you, He goes on to do exceedingly, abundantly, far above all we could ever imagine.


I’m not surprised though, I was so sure that as long as God is involved, the grand finale will be over the roof overwhelming.

The house was full of so much joy! our grandpa Rev. was in the house!!!



and then PM announced to us that Just Us Girls is going global! from Ghana to Europe to Asia, to America. . . wherever God is calling, we’d be going. Our name has also received a face lift! πŸ’ƒ from Just Us Girls Naija to Just Us Girls Global Network! because we global now! cheeeeee!


The joy overflowed as Grandpa Rev brought us an overflow message.

20180924_15073820180924_150652it was from one good news to the other, and then he blessed us with one from Haggai 2:18-19


On this 24th day of the nineth month, and onward, you can count on a blessing! isn’t that just beautiful?

Everyone has a testimony already. Have you seen the hashtag #itsoverflowseasonbaby flying around?

Ah, like min. Diche said yesterday, if you were not there, I honestly do not know how to help you 😒. but see ehn, you can purchase the DVD’s, and then before you watch or listen, pray for the spirit that was present on the days to be present with you.

Finally, Mama! on behalf of all whose lives are a thousand times better having attended this event, I say thank you- for listening to God and allowing Him use you. We love you too much


Congratulations to us on 10years stronger! we global now! cheeeeeee!


I have enjoyed giving y’all something of a recap these past 4 days. hope you did too 😁. till when next I get the privilege, I’m signing out with all my love.


4 thoughts on “It’s OVERFLOW Season babyyy!

  1. I couldn’t bring myself to leave the dome after yesterday’s program….

    There’s no doubt that God did plan overflow to give me the full Reward.

    Thanks Mama for saying ‘Yes Lord’

    Thanks Rema for this perfect recap

    Biko….are you the Rhema-script??

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