It’s OVERFLOW Season!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Hey ladies! do you know what time it is??? It’s OVERFLOW O’clock!


If you are in tune with the season, you oughta know that our Just Us Girls conference themed OVERFLOW began yesterday.


oh-my-Lawd I’m so pumped!


This one isn’t like any other! If you know God very well you know He is always doing a new thing, and this time around, He is set out to blow our minds!


Raise your hand if you were at the opening night?! wow wow wow! (because I haven’t yet the words to describe the feels!) This is the type that is better experienced than explained! The atmosphere when David’s Music and Rock extreme ministered was so lit! Then talk about the ambiance, it was e-ve-ry-thing! We don’t joke at Just Us Girls yo! πŸ˜… Some of my favorite things-to-see at the event has to be the big fountain at the center of the grounds and of course, the prayer wall!



Oh! and how God used our PK to start us off with an awesome awesome Word last night!


don’t you just love having a pastor that just gets you? I mean, every message is like a word straight-outta-God’s Mouth! He brought to us an OVERFLOW message from Mark 5:21-34. And from there he showed us that 12 is the number of the overflow! I have a testimony already o! when PK called for us to sow a N12,000 overflow seed, I made one- rather two on behalf of my daughter and I, believing that God will make N24,000 available. and in less than 24 hours, God made the money available! Is God too faithful or what? and is it our OVERFLOW season or nah??

Oh my gosh I promise, you don’t want to miss any of the days. And please please, have your expectations set on high! God is ready to blow your mind!

for those who really really dont want to miss the OVERFLOW but can’t make it to the dome, we’d be streaming LIVE on all our social media platforms.


And remember to click the like and follow button if you haven’t already done so 😁

Opening Night was a total vibe! And today, we Shimmer and Shine!


See you soon ladies!

signing out: remaΒ πŸ˜‰ for pastor M

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