Funny …

Hey people

So it’s been a long day.

This cheered me up in a weird way.

It’s funny how people have their impressions of you.

Someone actually said to me today, “pastor M, I know you. You are hard!”

I’m like “No you don’t! You know what you think I’m like or what people have told you about me. ” but I’m honestly done explaining myself to anyone. Life is too short.


Pastor M.

10 thoughts on “Funny …

  1. Dear Pastor M, I know you love excellence, I know you love God so much that you will do anything He requires you to, your passion for God is unparalled. I also know you love the Holy Spirit and are very receptive to Him and I know you love Pastor K very much and Gods flock too. I know you are very real, very frank and you pay great attention to details.
    I see all you do in Gods house and I know only a person filled with Gods love can go that far for Him.
    We may not understand all you say and do immediately but with time, we start to get it.
    Thank you for allowing Pastor K be the best Pastor for us, thank you allowing him focus, giving him peace, sharing him with us, loving him passionately and being his friend even when your efforts and sacrifices go unnoticed by many.
    You are definitely not hard, strict maybe😀 but definitely not hard.
    Let me use this medium to say I love you Pastor M and may God bless you richly ma.

  2. Hehehe like I stole it quickly and put it up. Truth is they will talk either way, so you can either get to know me the real me or you can stand afar and judge, either way it’s your headache and I am sorry but I ain’t buying you an aspirin.

  3. ROTFL..Mama oooooo…. Common “Tell me about yourself” is too much work for me, it is now to be explaining myself to people that don’t know me I should be bothered about. Me that I hate stress like this.

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