Satan doesn’t come to make you sick…

Hey people

Day 28

And I decided to take a quick break from the Mind Your Business series… it will be back because I’m not done.

Okay so today I think we need to talk.

So I really need you to take this seriously because I’m going to say this only once. And it just may be what’s been missing in your arsenal.

This week has been weird. I seemed to be getting a lot of messages from people who were sick and in need of us prayer. Now the thing is they were all aware that it was satan because they kept making comments like “satan is messing with my body” or “Satan is trying to make me sick” or they’d generally start by saying “pastor M satan is a liar” I knew instantly that what was coming after would be a litany of bad doctors’ reports. Each time my response was always “this is satan” and their answer would be “pastor M I know”

Actually I think “you don’t know!” You don’t know satan at all. You give him an inch he takes a mile. He’s not the kind of person you give an opportunity

You should not even let him into your life he carries a seat along everywhere he goes.

You see many times we’ve been made to focus on the wrong things. Satan is not in your life to make you just a little sick or even to make you and your husband quarrel. You need to project and see where he’s really going. Look ahead to the end.

The good thing is Jesus already told us where Satan is going. We already know his end goal.

Satan is not satisfied till he steals your joy, your peace, your mind, your relationships and your money. Until he destroys every good thing in your life especially your faith in God and belief in him and his word And he will definitely not be satisfied till he kills you. If he can do it physically oh! Even better for him but he’d rather you were a living corpse.

So you are moving around breathing but you are not really alive. You are Without hope in this world.

My darling, Satan is not here to give you a headache He won’t stop until you get cancer, spend all your money and die. No he’s not here to make you cry he won’t stop until your marriage is over and you are emotionally drained and full of bitterness. He’s not here for fibroid he’s here to make sure you never have godly seed and you become unsure of God’s ability and faithfulness.

Don’t take anything he does lightly. The one you are playing with is not playing with you. Be on the offensive with him. He’s the kind of person that our mothers used to reply to their “good morning” with a stern “what’s good about the morning?!”

Do Not and I repeat DO NOT allow him any place in your life.

Don’t take anything he does lightly. Don’t check out what he’s peddling. He’s a liar, a thief and a murderer. Everything he says is a lie. Don’t accept ANYTHING he gives and don’t be ignorant of his schemes. If you have a headache don’t just take an aspirin and shrug it off. Deal with it with the Word of God and prayer. If you ignore that he will slip in a fever then malaria then typhoid then … death. Don’t give him an inch

If it’s not from God don’t accept it. Remember he’s on a mission and he won’t be satisfied till he sees you six feet under.

That’s not your portion though in Jesus name. Jesus came for you and he came that you may have life and live it till it overflows.

So enjoy that life conscious of who your enemy is and what he’s really after and knowing this … he’s a defeated foe.

God bless darlings.


Pastor M

16 thoughts on “Satan doesn’t come to make you sick…

  1. I’ve been there….when satan makes you unsure about God’s ability and faithfulness and His Word.

    Thank God for brethren and His Word. Thank God for hope.


  2. Haha, satan i know…. 😛
    I know you are a Liar and will always Loose
    I know the Truth about who I am and who i serve and that i always win.
    I get last laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  3. From cold to stomach ache then purging now asthma attack. I reject it in Jesus name, By HIS stripes am healed whole and hearty. Thanks for the timely word Mama. God bless you immersely. One would have blamed it all on the weather.


  4. “The one I was playing with is not playing with me”

    On the first day of the fasting, my body started misbehaving… My digestive and nervous system were doing some runs I didn’t send them.

    Didn’t fast on the 2nd day’ I felt Angry for letting him deceive me,

    This is day 5 and I’m still standing!!!

    I Don set traps for am!!!!

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  5. “If you have a headache don’t just take an aspirin and shrug it off. Deal with it with the Word of God and prayer. If you ignore that he will slip in a fever then malaria then typhoid then … death. Don’t give him an inch”

    This struck me. Not every time paracetamol. That devil is defeated

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  6. Pastor M, my mum took nothing for granted, she was always steps ahead of the devil, she lived a wholesome life, spiritually, career, family, she didnt joke with the things she put in her body (her diet), she was always on guard, but she fell sick suddenly and died, they said she had cancer, I dont know what went wrong. I can’t question God, but I have questions. I know God remains fairhful


  7. I thank Jesus for His Word and His finished work on the Cross, thats what i always stand on and with them i beat satan hands down every time He tries to rear his ugly head in the form of lies, depression, hopelessness and worry. The Word and the Finished work on the Cross… satan cannot argue nor stand against those two


  8. Oh Jesus wait, I need to read this again and again and again and then some more. Like don’t give him an inch , don’t even open the door cos that’s the end. I say this because I allowed him to whisper in my ears this year, you can’t be happy, I will take your whole family, you don’t deserve to smile and then when I smiled I would stop myself and that’s when I knew it wasn’t Jesus… But greater is the One in me, He came that I might have life , joy , success and even though bad times come to hold unto him through it and then keep living . The devil is a bastard. Let me go and make up, dress up and go and live small, he messed with the wrong queen. #LifeJuststarted it’s a new day and I won’t give in


  9. “The good thing is Jesus already told us where Satan is going. We already know his end goal”… I lost my Big Sister four days ago, its been a lot of pain and unanswered question. but my solace has been she was a child of God and i’m sure she is safe in the arms of Jesus. God has shown me so much love this past few days through his holy spirit and through friends and family, i am sooo Grateful! thank You Mama for this…

    p.s, i have been an ardent follower, but this is my first time to comment…

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