It’s a New Day…

Hey people

It’s day 25 … okay so unfortunately I missed day 24 because I was so tired I fell asleep with my phone in my hand…

well, yes I was tired but to be honest the real reason I believe, is the same reason many things remain undone. Actually they are two: Procrastination and lack of Proper Planning.


I had many moments yesterday when I felt okay so a quick post. I kept saying

“I’ll do it later….”

“I have time…”

“I will get to it…”

“I’m busy now…”

“I’m tired now …”

Until I woke up this morning and it became “Oh! My God! I didn’t blog yesterday…😳”

It’s just such a terrible cycle. If not checked decisively can destroy destinies.

No point dwelling on it though it will only be a waste of time.

So you haven’t done what you should. Well it’s a new day …

get to it.


Pastor m

4 thoughts on “It’s a New Day…

  1. You could have written my name right after the topic and said procrastination meaning- see Edisemi and you could have ended it and I would have totally understood it. I am the procrastinating queen, any excuse to do put it off trust me to come up with it and it’s funny because I hate to see things left undone but somehow I manage to find excuses . But they say people with integrity do what they say they are going to do and others make excuses, so these days I am really trying to just do it and not make excuses.

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  2. Procrastination affects all…There’s no day that I don’t delay an activity, I set double reminders, even for Bible study.

    It quietly deepens it roots,
    Slowly becomes the norm,
    Silently grows as habit
    .Only for you to realize that it’s now your Character.


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