Is your pastor ok?

Day 13

Woke up today and it’s such a rainy day. All I want to do is stay in bed then I remembered I hadn’t blogged.

Honestly that’s how I felt. Especially since I’m not over what happened within the week. I mentioned it yesterday but today I saw a post that made me really think. I know there were other issues along the way that may have led to Pastor Andrew Stoecklein trying to commit suicide which eventually resulted in his death

but I’m also thinking about all the other pastors going through so much but never speaking up about it.

I know we are trained to think my pastor is always alright and just simply off load on them but have you ever really thought about the fact that they are human too? With feelings? With emotions? Most times with families too?

When was the last time you prayed for your pastor? Funny enough chances are if you are not praying most people too aren’t.

I saw a post today on Heather Lindsay’s page and I couldn’t have said it better. Let me share …

I’ve never heard of this pastor until he died this weekend. My heart is breaking for him, his family & his church family. Please pray for them. The weight of being a leader & pastor is difficult. I have watched my hubby go through so much as a pastor.

I saw this post on FB from a Ra’Shan Wilson & I had to share his words. Now, we planted @thegatheringoasischurch 5 years ago and ALL of this rings true. ➡️Don’t just pray for your pastor, help him live longer.

Read all of this: “People who RUN [to] pastoring scare me… You’re running to nights away from your wife, studying till morning to secure a “word” that will help encourage, empower and uplift people who won’t show up to hear it; or respect you enough to at least let you know they’re not coming.


You’re running to the realization that you can work hard, publish books, produce projects, write plays, sell product and create other streams of income for the security of you and your family…only for people who don’t tithe nor give (relatively) substantial offerings to say, “The pastor is living off of the church’s money.” You’re running to Sundays when you STILL show up to serve people (after they’ve hurt you) who won’t show up if they’ve been hurt by you.


You’re running to some individuals who have an expectation OF YOU that outweighs their commitment TO YOU.


You’re running to days when you show up tired, sick and in pain….to preach to chairs left empty by individuals who stayed home because they were…well, tired, sick and in pain.

Trust me, there are many amazingly powerful, awesomely tremendous and spectacular victories in the course of leading sheep; however, there are wolves and goats in sheep clothing within EVERY flock. 🐺🐐🐑

I speak on behalf of ALL lead and senior pastors…cross denominational, racial and cultural lines — the task of shepherding is one of unique qualification; you have to be called in order to be sent…but you have to be crazy to answer the call…🤷🏽‍♂️ Please pray for Andrew’s family and church as they navigate through this difficult season of grief and loss. #PrayForYourPastor What are you doing to help your pastor live a little longer?



Today I leave you with this. Could we think about it? And possibly pray for our pastors and leaders?

I see how quickly people jump on social media to crucify and pastor who makes a tiny mistake while you are offended if a pastor preaches the word of God and it somehow even the slightest bit looks like he’s talking about you.

Let’s be more considerate about the fact that they too are human.

Practice the golden rule

Pastor Andrew had a great church, filled seats, lights, cameras, social media presence, just name it

but from what happened it was clear that he was not ok.

Take a minute to remember your pastor and his family and say a prayer for them too.

Dear pastor please remember that you are human too

If you need help speak out PLEASE!!!

Okay gotta go.

Let me go check on my pastor

I love my pastor.

I see him and all he does

Let me leave this here. May help you pray


Pastor M

23 thoughts on “Is your pastor ok?

  1. Real tears. I’ve just been stalking info on him since then. My heart is broken for his wife. I just hate Satan more. Idiot!!!! I truly pray He is in a better place now nd doing OK. And YES YES YES WE MUST CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR OUR PASTORS!!!!!

  2. Hmmm growing up i always had this notion that Pastors are demi gods and out of the much in them they poured out to us. Thank God am more knowledgeable now, God please keep and protect our pastors we cant give them what they give us only you can uphold them and be there for them.’show up to serve people who would have hurt you, who wont show up when being hurt by you. Very touchy post. More grace beloved Mama and to PK too.

  3. Very sad news. may God comfort his family and his church and the Church of God at large.May God grant us the grace to be selfless and always pray for our Pastors.Mor Grace and strength to our Pastors in the name of Jesus.

  4. Can’t imagine what his family and church is going through right now. I truly get scared when I see people run towards pastoring. The burden is huge.

  5. This is so sad and painful and a major wake up call that our Pastors take on so much responsibility and need our prayers and support more than ever before. May God comfort his family and church as only He can and grant them the strength to pull through this time.
    So much insight onheather Lindsey’s post. Thank you for sharing PM. More grace!

  6. Sincerely I am tearing at the moment..
    I’ve always had these thought (s) running through my mind almost everytime I set my eyes on my Pastors….. Espcially when they are silent.

    May God grant you the Grace to become blind to distractions.
    May God continually comfort you even when you’re feeling inadequate or unqualified.
    May you have reasons to smile regardless the happenings around you.
    May younever run out of helpers or support. From the North, South, East and West.
    May you health be renewed every morning just like that of a stallion.
    May your Family continually remain under heavens protocol. No evil shall come near your dweling..
    No matter how many that falls, be it a thouseand or ten thousand you’re beyond their reach..

    I Pray for my Pastors that every desire, project and expectation shall be actualized with ease and; no pressure whatsoever will be able to distract you or stand against you all the rest of your life In Jesus name… Amen.

    I Love my Pastors
    Pastor Kingsley & Mildred Okonkwo

    I’m going to write now….

  7. Its really sad. My tots r in a whirlwind at the moment. In all this he’s still being judged by the world…”afterall he was close to God so what went wrong”. Pastors have blood flowing tru dem just like us, they simply chose to answer the call most have refused to yield to.
    If everyman answers his own personal call, i guess d burden on our shepherds will be much lighter. May God help his family and the entire Christian faith tru dis trying period. Devil is just trying sooo hard to make christianity look unattractive and outdated but in all it is still the only hope for mankind amd will always be.

  8. This is really sad. I always say Pastors are men before they are of God but it never hit me so deep like this. May God continue to strengthen my Pastors and may God’s grace be multiplied in their lives.

  9. So sad!!!! May God strengthen His family!!!

    Remembering Mama’s testimonies of when she had to attend services with and after her bleeding… Who does that??

    The load Pastors carry is one I don’t wish on anyone, which is why I don’t understand why someone will “fake being called”

    The Body of Christ was created to make Pastoring Easy; We were made for Support.

    I will not Just Pray….

    “I Pledge to God that Our do Everything in my Power to Make PM and PK live Longer, So Help me God!!!”

  10. This is too much oo…the devil is seriously working to pull down the church. If he doesnt use ppl to speak against pastors he tries to get them depressed enough to commit suicide. While we r praying for our pastors pls lets remember that satan is the real culprit here, and we should not just pray for them but defend them, help them to serve, give to them and BE LOYAL to them. We should be very careful to NEVERjoin pple that speak against pastors and the church. Me i pray for my pastors occasionally but now i will do it more often.
    I used to have this mindset that the pastors are very blessed, they have it all together. In the last few yrs i have learnt better . i pray that God will help me to be the kind of christian that supports and prays for her pastors Pk and PM and the Body of Christ in Jesus name amen

  11. Father God that you for your word and you faithfulness Grant Pastor Andrew eternal Rest oh Lord
    I commit my PK and PM into your hands oh Lord give then more strength,grace and wisdom oh.
    Raise greet men and women to support them Lord
    Wipe away their secret tears and grant them victory always in Jesus mighty name Amen

  12. Father God thank you for your word and your faithfulness Grant Pastor Andrew eternal Rest oh Lord
    I commit my PK and PM into your hands oh Lord give then more strength,grace and wisdom oh.
    Raise greet men and women to support them Lord
    Wipe away their secret tears and grant them victory always in Jesus mighty name

  13. Am so heart broken right now, what would have made him commit suicide? Oh Jesus help your bond servants all over the world. Amen. Am a little confused if a believer or an unbeliever commits suicide where do they go? I always tell people that pastors are men before they became men of God, they are humans with blood flowing in their veins just like every other person, may God help them as they stay up all night praying, fasting, attending to our spiritual and physical needs, bearing everyone’s burden and no one cares or prays for them. Their work is a selfless one, most of them are not on salary and yet they have issues, family needs, kids and a wife to take care of, house rents, hospital bills, maintenance at home and church to carry out every other day. Oh my Almighty God bless and take care of your faithful bond servants, I beg you. Mama I pray that the Lord will always be there for you and your family, especially PK and may He always send you people who will be there always, amen.

  14. I love my pastor too, my love to PK and big hugs to you, you know the kind of hugs I mean. Love you much . #AlwaysPrayingforyouandyours

  15. Pastors are the greatest leaders ever. You want to learn leadership, move closer to one. To you PM & PK and other pastors attached to this ministry. To my parents who are both pastors and the others that accepted the call to shepherd others, I pray Grace, more and more and more. And the blessing in Psalm 112. Amen

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