How Are You?

Hey people

How are you?

It’s day 12

Amazing! I wake up everyday thinking what am I going to write today and somehow God just always shows up. So we are doing this guys…. 40 days!

Okay so I asked earlier … how are you?

I know a lot of times when we ask that question we aren’t really expecting an answer; to be honest most times we actually ask just to be polite. Very rarely do you ask how are you and actually pull up a chair to hear the response.

Today though, I’m asking. I’m asking because I want to know. How are you really? And wait before you mumble a quick “I’m fine.” Think about it.

It’s funny how these days when someone asks me this same question then I realize that I don’t have the honest answer to that because I rarely think about myself. In fact I’m always on auto reply mode. My answer is always

I’m fine

I’m well

I’m good

And if someone stirs things up a bit and asks “how are you really?”!

I will be fine is the first thing that bubbles up into my mouth from my heart even before I think about it. It’s reflex.

Okay so I’m asking you now. Before you rattle off the usual answers please take a minute and really ask yourself. Take a moment to look into your life. Is everything okay? Do you need someone to talk to?

Life can be so stressful and sometimes we are surrounded by so many people yet we can feel so lonely like we have no one to talk to. Sometimes we are the one everyone talks to so it’s hard to not have a savior mentality. I can be like that I rarely get people who ask how I am. So I’ve gotten used to being the one asking so when people do ask I don’t know what to do with that 😊

Yesterday I saw an Instagram post of a young lead pastor of a vibrant church who committed suicide. He was just 30 years old with a very young wife and kids. Terribly sad.

I kept thinking to myself how ministry and leadership can be so lonely. If you try to do it without the power of the Holy Spirit you will end up feeling drained and depressed a lot of times. I keep thinking how very little attention we pay to our mental health in this part of the world.

The Bible though makes us understand how important mental health too is. God wants us to prosper in our minds too.

Your soul houses your mind – where your thoughts and ideas come from. Where your emotions reside.

Every time I read this I feel like God is asking me “How are you honey?” Like he has given me ways to measure if I’m okay.

Am I okay? Physically? Am I healthy in my body? Do I feel strong enough to take on tasks and handle things? Do I hurt anywhere?

Am I okay emotionally? When I smile does it reach my eyes? Am I just acting like I’m okay? Do I cry at night and then act like nothing’s wrong? Do I bottle things up or do I deal with issues as they come? How do I feel?

Am I okay spiritually? Do I have a healthy and active relationship with Jesus? What’s my prayer and study life like? How often do I live out what I say I believe? Am I truly experiencing a vibrant relationship with the Holy Spirit? Do I still hear God speak to me?

Listen to me darling, you’ve got to be okay. God wants you to be. If you feel you aren’t then find someone to talk to. Suicide is on the uprise because satan is on the rampage. It’s final hours people and he knows it.

I need you to know that no man or woman πŸ˜‰ was created an island. We were created for relationship. You don’t have to handle it alone. Find someone to talk to. You’ll be surprised at how many people care enough to listen and possibly even help.

This is also a call for us to help each other. To love each other. Someone is hurting. Someone needs you. Will you be there?

My point is we need each other so reach out today.

Let me ask you again and this time think before you answer.

How are you?

Okay guys gotta go but before I do here’s a hug.

Love you

Pastor M

26 thoughts on “How Are You?

  1. Mama!!! Am doing great. I wake up looking forward to what you’ll blog about, am excited as i see the post and automatically am elated, ready to give the day my best shot. How are you too? Love you Mum, Mommy or Mama in Dassah/Vida and David’s voice lol.


  2. This really touched me.
    I just feel so lost lately.
    I know how much I cry myself to sleep
    But I trust God to answer “I am fine with so much happiness soon.
    I know above all things, God wants me to be super happy…….


  3. Hmmmm… Deep

    I was fine, But after reading this, I’m…. There are days when I want to get into my shell and enjoy some sad time’s But
    I’m never giving such luxury…So I have to live carrying a bit of sadness around.

    Remembering that I have a Birthday gift from my PM Brightens my heart… Another reason to be truly happy!!

    So today I’m +1….A proof that God gat me!!

    Mama gat me!!!


  4. So sad about the young pastor…depression and loneliness are very real. I have issues and I do feel that loneliness sometimes but then I remember God’s Word and that He loves me and he’s gat me. Very important that we learn to be there for each other too. Thank you for this post mama and how are you? 😊

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  5. Thanks for sharing.
    These days I have learnt deliberately to take each day as it comes and depend only on God to shoulder all my worries. I refuse to worry and walk around confused and frustrated. Am less anxious and confident everything will be alright. Thank you Jesus!


  6. Recently a friend told me…”I’m better but it has been a tough couple of weeks…” I haven’t forgotten it esp as I was expecting the usual I’m fine. I pray we all find those with whom we can give more than the I’m fine rote answer

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  7. I have been overwhelmed lately Mama,i literally started avoiding the question “How are you” but this write up and hug from you…
    Hmm, i feel relieved

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  8. Thanks for asking Mama. It’ really been challenging and tough but God’s word and the good people God has placed around me are helping me.
    It’ really sad about the young pastor. I have not really been able to get it off my mind.
    I keep praying for his family and the church he left behind.
    How are you too Mama?


  9. The cliche ‘i’m fine” with tears lurking in the corner of ones eyes.
    The one million likes on social media yet recipient is deep in suicidal tots cos its oh soo lonely without real human feeling around you.
    The world is overpopulated and humans have now evolved to act like robots.
    And everyone is following everyone online…everyone else but forget to truly Jesus the way we should.
    Sad sad that true love is becoming extinct


  10. First answer , I will be fine. Real answer , no I am not, I am angry, I am sad, I am an emotional wreck, I cry myself to sleep most nights , I don’t sleep half the time, I wake up and just do things mechanically no feelings, I smile because work and I have to be nice to everyone who walks into my office and when I am done, I just go back home close the doors and wish that things were very different. I won’t do anything stupid but I wonder everyday if I will be as fine as I say I am


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