Let’s keep it sweet

It’s Day 10

Oh! Please bring out the fireworks. I cannot believe I was able to do this. Even with my crazy schedule and 3 kids on holiday

who are constantly determined to run all over the place knowing fully well that I struggle to keep up. Oh! Running after them is really okay. It’s the constant and different renditions of mummy that I cannot handle.

Anyhow today means we are 10 days closer to 40 and I’m definitely in celebration mode. Yesterday I heard so much good news …

first I heard Elo Ogidi had been found

This beautiful child abducted in church but her parents stood firm in faith. And people will say prayer does not work? That faith is obsolete? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Then you are praying to the wrong person. My Jesus answers prayers. He does. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

You can NEVER tell me my God is not real.

Then yesterday I held my brother’s baby in my arms after 11 years of waiting

Isn’t she a beauty? God is so good. I repeat you CANNOT convince me that there is no God.

I’m just so in awe of God. The way He does things is mind blowing. I’m talking about the kind of God that gives you a word that transforms your whole life. He’s given me a couple of them but something happened today that reminded me of one of them.

Vida was being restless and knocking things over at breakfast and I kept telling her to be quiet. Okay telling may not be exactly accurate. I kept yelling . At some point I got really infuriated

Me: why are you being so disobedient?vida: I’m not being disobedient?

Me: so why don’t you do as you are told?

Vida: because you’re being mean to me. You are not saying it nicely.

My heart melted….

It reminded me of a scripture God gave me in 2006. It was becoming rather uncomfortable to be so misunderstood. As a pastor’s wife everyone had an opinion of me. What they expected me to be like and I was nothing like that. I was nick-named Margaret Thatcher 🤷🏽‍♀️ me? Sweet gentle me? 😂😂😂 we all know that wasn’t me. I was a say it as it is and move on. No drama no sentiments kinda girl Until God gave me this scripture.

Initially I didn’t get it so I tried another version

Still wasn’t working so I tried yet another version. See that in itself is a lesson. Keep searching till you get it.

Wow!!! Literal lightbulbs Went off in my brain.

What?! I could not believe I had been reading Proverbs 31 for as long as I could remember and I didn’t see this.

It’s not just about saying the right thing it’s how you say it.

How you say what you say is so important. That’s the point.

LESSON: keep it sweet.

No matter how great or important what you have to say is if it’s not said the right way, it may not be received at all.

The truth is I’m not there 100% yet but I’m so much better than I was back then in the year 2006 😂 😂. At least now I pay attention to how I say things to people. I try to keep it sweet.

Speaking of sweet and in the spirit of birthday celebrations, I feel led to give 4 amazingly sweet cupcakes from one of my gifted daughters. If you’ve never had an adore cupcake …

How? Now, How can you do that to yourself? I’m very very picky about cakes. I will literally spit out a cake that is not done to perfection. I will not swallow it. I also think it’s disrespectful for a cake to taste good and not look good and deceitful for a cake to look nice and not taste good.

With adore cakes you get the best of both worlds. She makes the best desserts ever but her velvet cupcakes will take you to heaven and back. I don’t have too many amazing pictures. The ones I found don’t do it justice but just take my word for it

So what I want to do is in the spirit of my #journeyto40 for my first giveaway I will give 40 cupcakes out. Just comment and share your love for cake or lack of. Maybe we can convince you.

I hope this will be a reminder to keep it sweet.

Please don’t forget. In fact it’s worth saying a prayer for.

Okay ladies.

Let the comments begin.

I’m so excited. Free cupcakes 😍


Pastor m

39 thoughts on “Let’s keep it sweet

  1. Oh gosh I love the pictures with your kids. So beautiful. Even PK looking froshhhhhhh. And you are glowing mama. And you have made progress too. Whoop. Can’t believe you are almost 40!!!! Wow. Biko more personal pictures to your posts please. And AMEN for that testimony!!!!!!!!


  2. Yesso, I am learning not to be soooo blunt and to say stuff kindly…thank you mama….the picture of you and David…Choi….very fine😘😍….Yes I love you mama and I await my cupcake😄


  3. Wow! Our Amazing, miracle working God. Blowing our minds with these awesome testimonies. A big congrats mama.

    Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. cakes. I’m walking on sunshine oh oh. My love for cakes is second to none. Growing up, my mum used to bake and people used to wonder how we were never tired of it since we always had a lot of it at home. Ma,What bread is to you is what cake is to me. It is my my own greatest weakness/addiction. Like I don’t have shame when it comes to cake o. If u are hoarding and don’t want to cut at party I’ll ask, if it’s ur bday and I don’t know u I wee beg🤣🤣🤣🤣. And the thing is I love yummy cakes but no matter how bad a cake is I will still eat it even when I don’t enjoy it🙈. I am so excited for this giveaway cos it’s my favorite of all. CAKES!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Today’s post really hit home for me because its been a major struggle for me. I now see it in a new light. it is Indeed it is worth praying for.

    I am Loving this series so much. More grace to you Ma.


  4. Mama, I haven’t met you in person but I love your messages and your love for Jesus. Mama I got to know you through Eziaha’s blog, the way she speaks about you and DCC makes me wanna be in Lagos and in DCC. Thanks for this message, I am also working on that especially towards my kids. You look dashing, whatever got you there pls continue and be consistent. Eziaha I want to thank you for introducing me to this blog and this beautiful Woman of God. Am glad to be here. Congrats to you mama and your brother, welcome baby.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love freebies! And I love you too. Cake… am not so crazy about but the cakes look really lovely and am sure my kids would love it. This scripture I will keep in my heart because I need it very much.


  6. I can imagine Vida in her childish and sincere voice, the way children speak in their sincerity. Her words touched me too o i was like chei.. An important lesson I’ve had to learn too in relating with people. I can be sayin the right thing and it will still not produce desired result if i am saying it in a harsh tone. I literally had to start saying to myself ‘love is patient, love is kind’ to improve. Me sef im still work in progress in the sweet speech department…thank you for keeping it real mama😊

    Speaking of sweet, mama im a sweeeeeeeet tooth and I loooooove cake like no man’s business! I dont get y someone would say ‘I’m tired of cake’😦😳😳 Enh? And chocolate cake…aah…just give me chocolate cake or an cake with chocolate topping and all your future sins are fogiven😊

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  7. Thanks PM. I alwaiz learn from you. Going to chew on that scripture in different versions also.

    I can imagine the joy in your family right now….11 years!!!

    The kids look good. Your family look good.

    As for cakes……if it doesn’t look good, I keep it at arm’s length. All those cakes that by looking at them, you already know you will regret putting in your mouth…..are to be avoided like a plague. Cakes are meant to be beautiful and sweet….and melt in your mouth…..like fresh hot sponge cakes. 😍


  8. Hmm Giving instruction with kindness,so help me God.
    my love for cakes sha,i have eaten half of my birthday cake alone before-lol,just give me tea or limca by the side i will gladly eat cake for a whole week or more.

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  9. Oh what a coincidence!!! I was just telling my fiance how much of a secret lover of cake i am. I might not have it all the time but when i eat a nicelyadw fluffy cake i jist close my eyes and enjoy the follow. I pray i can make a cake that will go round at my wedding cos personnally i prefer small but rich and tasteful. With this few point of mine i wish i’ve been able to convince you and that i need a taste of adore cakes lol. love you Mama.


  10. Oh what a coincidence!!! I was just telling my fiance how much of a secret cake lover i am. I might not have it all the time but when i eat a nicely made fluffy cake i just close my eyes and enjoy the flow. I pray i can make a cake that will go round at my wedding cos personnally i prefer small but rich and tasteful. With this few point of mine i wish i’ve been able to convince you and that i need a taste of adore cakes lol. love you Mama. Testimonies will never be scare in our mist. loving great as always.


  11. Always looking forward to your post, encouraging, interesting and inspiring
    Oh… Cake,i love fluffy and sweet cakes, went shopping today and hubby made me forget to buy my cupcakes . So I want oooo 😁😁😁 Thanks in advance Pastor M


  12. Thank God for Elo Ogidi and our niece…. God Never Faye!!!

    Children have their own manual; If they have to obey your screaming order, it usually not a full Obedience.

    I learnt how to bake cakes because of my Love for it…My Heart brightened the first time I ate Adore’s 🎂; The packaging was hmmmm…..Artistic, And when I took my first fill’ I asked for more!!!

    Mama since my Birthday is on Tuesday… I think I need more than one cup cake…Pleeassse!!

    It will be a Memorable Birthday gifts!!!

    Thanks Ma

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  13. CAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEEEE!!!!! Mama you know I don’t have to convince you. Thanks for my cake i advance. Plenty kisses!!!!


  14. Oh wow, old words new revelation, like the Bible is filled with them, you think you know something or understand it until rhema!!! And this my mouth will not put me in trouble and it is the very same mouth I use to proclaim that I am a proverbs 41 oh sorry 31 woman ( I must have been thinking about the cupcakes , how in Gods wonderful world can one not like cake?? Please I want mine plain no frosting on the top. I don’t mind pieces of chocolate on the inside or better still let’s just make it moist sweet chocolate cakes) are we getting 40 each or do I have to share in the spirit of kindness cos I might have to refuse , kindly of course 😛😛😛😛


  15. God is awesome. Still in awe of God for Elo’s safe return. Congratulations on your neice Ma. God is never late. Thank you so much Mama for eveything. It is always an honour to serve. I’m so excited about delivering the cupcakes.


  16. Oh Mama, this post oh! For a long time, I have wondered why people will say don’t say it straight be diplomatic, say it nicely.At a point I gave up because I didn’t think I was getting it well with diplomatic but this various version captured it well.
    Oh, those cupcakes also look adorable!


  17. But, the winners are not up to 40 yet o 😉 … 🎂 🎂. Thank you Mama for the doing this series. Me I don’t know how you know just want to address in my life in this season of intense pressure. There is really no excuse to talk anyhow. None. Thanks again, Mama.

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  18. Mama i loveee cake and very good ones too..
    I’ve had Adore’s cake but in a very long while… i would love to have Adore’c cake again 😍😍😍


  19. Better late than never, right… so yes, I want Cake 🍰 ooooo!!!!! *side eye to Coach E’ and my bathroom scale* 🤪
    Mama, please don’t tell her when you’re sending it o, cos she can wantu flog us koboko. 😂😅🤣


  20. All the way for some cakes…💞💞💞💞💞
    I love them so much. Christine Caine tweeted something recently about self Control and I was just thinking to myself today that I don’t have cake control o. I really love me some cakes.
    Thanks mama for the consistent blessing. Keep them coming in torrents. You always are a blessing.
    And I got to know you through Eziaha too. Thanks E and mama.
    I’m enjoying both of you’s slip stream.
    I want cake o 😍


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