Higher standards

Hey people

Day 7.

Wow! We are actually doing this. 7 days done already. As my kids would say “Oh! Yeah! Oh yeah! We did it. We did it!”

You need to see them move to this song. Always such a delightful sight. 😁

Oh by the way, thank you for all the birthday wishes sent to my miracle twins.

I pray God will also send you a testimony in Jesus name. One that will cause people to praise him too.

So still in birthday spirit, I’ve been stuck on a plane for the last 17 hours trying to get my kids to a holiday place as part of the celebration and you know when you are stuck in the air and not necessarily in the mood for movies, reading or sleeping you have a lot of thinking time.

So I’ve been thinking….


Got off the plane and the day was a blur so I ended up saying…

I will post let me just check into the hotel.

I will post let me just bathe the kids

I will post let me just feed the kids

I will post let me just stock up on groceries

I will post let me get them lunch

I will post let me get them settled in their room

I will post let me just chat with my Pk a bit

I will post after a quick nap …

…. I just woke up with a start. Grabbed my phone and it’s 12:07am

How did this happen? And I’m so tired. I could sleep 3 more days. Just that being on holiday with three very excited under 8 year olds is not even going to let that happen. Although thanks to Aunty kemi a couple of moments will be possible.

So what was I thinking about on the plane?

A lot…..

Let me just share one that kept ringing in my heart …


I’m not sure I can fully relay what got me to thinking about this yet but to be honest I don’t think it even matters because I feel it really affects every area of life – business, marriage, work, friendships, anything really.

I find that too many people have standards that are too low. We all do actually. We’ve been in bad relationships, dated “frogs”, taken jobs that just the thought of putting it on your resumé makes you cringe. You’ve settled for a boss that you know should be calling you sir just because your standard isn’t higher.

Listen honey your hire standard is determined by your higher standard. If this sinks in you would work on yourself rather than complain about everything that’s happening in your life.

I used to apologize to the whole world for wanting better, higher, more excellent.

Now, I’ve learnt they owe me an apology for wanting to keep me small, wanting me to accept the mediocre and fit into the small dreams or substandard methods when I want more… bigger, better!

Bottom line – When you expect more, you attract more.

So note to self…

So from today ask yourself what are your hire standards? Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Life is too short.

Don’t worry in time the world will catch on. Until then, remember you You were born to stand out not blend in.

That’s the point to life isn’t it? 😊


Pastor M

8 thoughts on “Higher standards

  1. Nice one Mama. I dont owe the world an apology for dreaming BIG. Its my dream and my life afterall if it hurts the nearest pharmacy still has panadol. Love you PM.

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  2. It’s our culture, especially for females. You are made to feel guilty for all you get by dint of hardwork and people alwaiz assume you did something “extra”.

    Well…..I have learnt to give God the glory and continue with my own kind of “extra hard work”!


  3. Ahhhh love love love, I currently applied for a job, I saw two postings but figured why apply for a managerial position, you can’t do it , what do you know , you don’t deserve it??? And i said God is it true and I settled down and wrote a cover letter and told them why I deserved it and I got an immediate response ….. and it was a good one, not done yet…. but it’s all in our mind and sometimes we forget who and whose we are and sell ourselves short but not anymore, I definitely deserve more and better and yes the world will adjust. #Sitsupstraight #adjustscrown good things only zone


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