He Can Never Never Faye

Hey people

Day 6

Today is just one of those days when I’m lost for words…

flat on my face grateful for a God like this.

Before I get into it. Let me give you a glimpse into devotion time with the kids. So interestingly we start off with arguing over who will pray first amidst shouts of “biggest to smallest!” or “smallest to biggest” with David usually winning the battle 😁.

Okay David give us a worship song. He has this smile that Just melts your heart and a Twinkie in his eye as he belts out at the top of his lungs

“He can never never Faye (fail). He can never never Faye (fail). He can never never Faye (fail) Jesus the same forever”.

And he would often end with “yes! I love that song.”

If only he knows how much i love that song too because it’s true. God can NEVER NEVER fail. I’m not he could have done this….


Davida Ifechukwunyediche (what God gave is special and unique) Okonkwo born 22 August 2013

David Ifechukwukukome (what God said is what he did) Okonkwo. Born 22 August 2015.

this was what doctors told me was not possible. Ah! I have no words …. I’m flat on my face grateful.

No one knows like I know what you’ve done for me that’s why I love you the way I do: that’s why I serve you the way I do.

Before you even ask Lord the answer is “YES!!!” Whatever you need from me.

My Jesus.

My healer.

Doctors report canceller

My glory and the lifter of my head

Barrenness destroyer

Baby giver.

The God who keeps his word.

The one who made me a mother and silenced the enemy on my behalf.

I’m grateful sir.

Very very grateful.

The God who does it in style. Promised me twins and you delivered in a way that only you could come up with

I could barely tell them apart at birth.

My God, Always confusing Satan. Every time he thinks he’s won you check mate him so he knows you are not his mate at all.

If he had known he would have left me in peace. Today I have a testimony of you that everything written about you is true.

And today I can say without a doubt that you are the only true and loving God. Who lives and deals in the affairs of men. Not a God stuck in the pages of an ancient book.

This testimony has birthed other testimonies and a full ministry – Hannah’s Heart … only you could have done this.

Thank you Jesus.

I pray for everyone trusting God for a miracle. My God will show up for you.

Just face everyday knowing that in the words of David.

“He can NEVER NEVER Faye (fail)…”

On this you can depend.


Pastor Mildred.

12 thoughts on “He Can Never Never Faye

  1. He can never never fail.
    And I chose to believe through this that He will as well silence barrenness in my life, Amen.
    He said and ye shall serve and none shall be barren and He can never fail on His word.

  2. Smiles😀….

    I’m Banking on this fact that He can never Faye.

    The way children understands and feel God’s Love is so Beautiful… As if they gave their lives to God before coming to Earth

  3. Indeed He can Never Faye!!!!

    Awesome God!!!

    Congratulations dearest Mama.
    Happy birthday to Davida and David. Plenty plenty hugs and kisses.

  4. Happy birthday to David and Davida. They will be glad growing up and realizing how much of a testimony they are and hope to many to come. I am thankful that I serve a God who deals in the affairs of men, not stuck in an ancient book.

  5. Thank you Jesus indeed you never fail not before, not now, not even in my own time. Happy birthday lovelies what GOD gives and says are indeed always unique. Love you both.

  6. Oh what can I give to God to say thank You, I give Him my life, I surrender all to Him. Mighty God, Ebube dike na aha, Ekwueme, Ocean divider, Way maker, Path finder, The air we breathe, my Life, my Hope, my Joy, my Deliverer, my Defender, onye na ni ya bu Chi, You are God all by Yourself. I call you Oka Ome, words are not enough to express my gratitude to my God. I miscarried severally and had to wait for years on God for my miracle boys, He did it when I lest expected and today am a Mother of three children. It has being God all the way, I judge Him Faithful. Indeed my dearie David, God can never never Faye. Happy birthday to Davida and David. God bless you MaMa for this message.

  7. Miracles that never get old, that still gives me goosebumps, that still makes me smile, that when I have doubt in my heart it makes me run back to God to say but you can and you will and you never fail. Inspite of it all God you remain God and you are still good and for that I am thankful. You still do miracles and in that I Rest….

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