Day 5: What If?

Hey people

It’s day 5

Slow and steady right?

This morning I woke up thinking. I’m not sure what even triggered it but I really just started thinking about all the things God has asked me to do and how my first reaction would always be fear but at the end of the day I would do it anyway.

Thank God for mama Joyce

And her DO IT AFRAID message I’ve heard over the years

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an assignment from God and I’m immediately doing cartwheels.

I wish though, but you see there are two problems

1. I’ve never been good at gymnastics

2. I’m never that excited.

I’m always more afraid than anything else because it always looks much much bigger than me.

I remember when I was having a conversation with God about my birthday a few months ago and how for my birthday this year, I really wanted a lot of women to get their miracle babies and he said “if you can believe me for forty miracle babies before September I will give them to you”

Ah! Forty before September?! Too risky please. And I knew this was God telling me to finally kick start a ministry he had impressed on my heart for years which I had been dodging. This would kick start a new JUGN baby (no pun intended) it would birth Hannah’s Heart.

I was afraid though. I didn’t want to be responsible for getting hopes up. And in such a short time? September? I kept thinking…

“What if no one gets pregnant?”

“What if we are not forty?”

“What if … what if… what if?”

Crazy right? Because…

“What if people do get pregnant?”

“What if we end up being more than forty?”

“What if I simply believe?”

These days my approach to things is “what if it works?” If I sense God is telling me something my “what if..” has changed.

What if… has become for me a motivating factor rather than an excuse not to.

I’m sitting here now reading countless testimonies of ladies who have gotten pregnant because I chose to obey and I’m so thankful that my “what if…” didn’t keep Me from obeying God.

People sending in pregnancy strip pictures

Sending in testimonies

To be honest they are too many to share here but you can find them all on our Instagram page @hannahsheartnaija. Now we have so many women with recorded pregnancies. Those that have come forward to testify. The number is alarming. Sometimes as many as 4 a day.

I just got this now

As I’m reading it and looking at the picture proving that God’s word is and will always be true, my “what if…” has changed.

Now I ask

“What if I didn’t obey?”

Oh! God. What if I didn’t?

This as with every other thing has got me thinking….

looking back at project girl. I almost didn’t do it. Almost…. and just look at this

I would have missed seeing these looks of awe.

What if I didn’t obey and I let fear rob me of starting Just Us Girls…

Now, it’s been ten years of “building friendships and giving hope” so many other ministries born out of this step of faith.

What if it works?

What if..?

Sadly you will never know until you step out in faith. Remember the waters won’t part until you step in.

And if it gets overwhelming remember God is always with you

So my darlings the question to ask isn’t what if it doesn’t work? It should be what if it does ?!

Crazy right?! Think about it.

What are the things you feel God has asked you to do but the “what if…” won’t let you. Well think again…

…with the right what if.

And you know, interestingly it always works. Why? Because grace is always released in the place of your assignment

So step out today. Who knows maybe like me you will ten years down the line be kept awake thinking

What if…

what if I didn’t start?…

Today I pray for the same courage and strength that has helped me over the years to come upon you and propel you closer to your dreams in Jesus name.


Pastor M

17 thoughts on “Day 5: What If?

  1. This post is so encouraging! Like to the point of tears. God is faithful. I’ve been trusting God for great results in my bar finals and the what if question comes up a lot. I will just come here whenever to encourage myself. Thanks so much for this Ma!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I can’t believe I missed Hannah’s heart. I’ve been off social media cos of exams. Going to instagram now to get my bottom pot miracles.
    Thanks PM for not letting the “what if” stop you.
    So many “what ifs” concerning my future in my heart right now.


  3. I feel like you did this post for me. All you had to do was put my name.

    Eziaha, what if….?
    COs the waters won’t part until my feet are in…

    Thank you mama!!!!


  4. Amen!!! This post is specially for me.

    God is faithful!!! Mind blowing testimonies 😱
    I receive the spirit of courage and strength. Thank you mama.


  5. Amen! Fear and shyness have always been my greatest struggle. I receive courage and strength to fulfill my divine assignment in Jesus name, amen. Waiting earnestly for tomorrow’s post…


  6. Hmmmm… This hit me “the waters won’t part until you step in”

    What if I did make it??

    We all know my success is a signed Deal.

    Thanks to Mama J and Mama PπŸ˜€πŸ˜‡ for teaching me that Life is to be Lived even with Fear.


  7. I feel like screaming!!! My heart is pumping fast. God you’re just so accurate, as if you heard me when i shared with someone that the water wont part unless you take that step… God blesss you so so so much.
    I love you Mama, come to thing of it can i ever stop loving you? lol. This is my WORD the deal is signed and delivered yes!!! Thank you Jesus.


  8. For this one we prayed …. God is amazing like that. I have a number of what if questions in my head, maybe I should just write about it… 40 babies because He is a boss like that.. πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘… devil is a liar


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