Hey people

It’s day 3 guys!

We’re actually doing this!

So something interesting happened to me yesterday. As I got back from my prayer walk and I walked in through the gate I noticed my garden was in full bloom. Flowers everywhere

Flowers literally everywhere!!

I’m sure you’re wondering why that even matters. “Flowers in your garden? Big deal!”

Okay so let me give you a background as to why this is such a big deal. You see, a couple of months ago I was about to fire my gardener.

My garden was a complete mess. Everything looked brown or dead. I was so upset especially because he was there almost everyday yet I wasn’t seeing any result. It just looked like there was a lot of activity and no productivity. I couldn’t understand why he was wasting my time and money.

He kept insisting that all he needed was time. And today as I walked in it struck me… DON’T FIRE YOUR GARDENER YET because time is required for beautiful flowers to bloom.

Basically I was reminded that good things take time. So don’t give up on that dream. Don’t give up on the promises of God. It may seem like it’s never going to happen but like the gardener who had confidence that no matter how bad it looked it was only a matter of time before it would all bloom and blossom. He had confidence because he was in charge and he knew what he put in the ground. He wasn’t bothered by the fact that the place looked barren. He knew it was only a matter of time.

Our lives too are like that. We are God’s garden and if we have a relationship with him then he’s our gardener.

A lot of times our lives look barren and even though we know God is on the case we still sometimes feel like giving up or trying something else. I should know, many times through out my life I’ve felt like that. No one likes to wait least of all me. I’ve had many seasons when I’ve felt God pruning and planting and cutting and watering. I feel him move around in my life and it’s so exciting I’m hearing him clearly, I’m getting promises and I’m expecting to see a harvest immediately. I’m expecting to bloom instantly

If I don’t see the manifestation soon I start getting impatient and restless and I immediately want to try to handle it myself even though I know he’s saying “WAIT!”

I still remember trying to win the battle of infertility. I had promises from the word of God I was standing on. I was in faith. I had bought my baby’s clothes, set up the nursery, I knew it was as good as done but I still felt it was taking forever. I was missing one major ingredient PATIENCE.

It takes FAITH and PATIENCE to get the promise

It takes faith and patience to bloom.

I forgot that. I almost allowed my self get frustrated. I almost “fired” my gardener. I almost got into hustle mode going from hospital to hospital. God was merciful enough to remind me to stay true to MY path which was to WAIT ON HIM because like I said He was working and He knew what he as MY GARDENER had put in my garden. He knew it was only a matter of time; that I would bud, bloom and blossom just like Aaron’s rod

There are two major lessons here

1. God is my gardener

He knows what he’s doing.

2. Time is essential

Especially beautiful things.

But note in His time…

Without fail, God always shows up. So please don’t be in a hurry. DONT FIRE YOUR GARDENER… at least not yet. Give it some time.

Remember that.


Pastor M

17 thoughts on “Day 3: DON’T FIRE YOUR GARDENER!

  1. The wait though…wish there was a time limit to it. Flowers have their seasons. This wait seems endless.

  2. This speaks to me so much at this point in my life, thank you Momma. It’s so key to know that once God says something, He will surely bring it to pass, but in His own time! I think He also wants it to be a period of learning and growth, stretching beyond our comfort zones and learning to focus on Him.

  3. Thank you very much ma. I needed this morning. I will wait patiently for my time and season to birth the Children God has promised me. I know I will testify soon. God bless you more ma.

  4. Thanks alot Mama for this timel reminder. This 40 days is surely having an impact in my life. Love you Mama.

  5. Thank u so much for this post ma, im trusting God for soo many things to come to pass and I want them all to be beautiful, sometimes i wonder when will this and this come but this post reminds me that I must keep being patient, the Gardener knows and He is on my case. im sure looking forward to your daily post on this series. God bless u ma

  6. Hmmm…
    when mama writes… 😁

    The part that got me is ‘when you get promises and expect the harvest immediately….’ soo apt

    Well, i choose to be still, my gardener knows what He’s doing

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