Day 2: First This: GOD…

Hey people,

So it’s day 2 of #journeyto40series. I’m going to have lots of fun doing this. I feel it’s also going to be a lot of soul searching. Reliving some past experiences, sharing some of my absolute favorite things, scriptures that have changed my life, who knows?

What I do know is A lot of unplanned things will happen so please come back everyday there will definitely be something for you here. And oh! I get to do some give aways just because….

Yes! I’m sweet like that. Even if I say so myself.

So today, I couldn’t quite decide what to go with first until this

Actually the first 3 letters are enough for me to preach a series on.

I know the message translation says it different than others but in whatever version the message is still clear

If you don’t BEGIN with God then you’re sunk.

The Bible makes it clear that Until God came on the scene there was NOTHING. Everything was chaos. Darkness. No insight. No form. Just a black pool of nothingness.

Isn’t that how our lives are though? Without God? Life is without form or void. You may not even know how much your life lacks until God steps in.

The amazing thing is once he steps in the first thing he calls forth is light

Once God comes on the scene light comes and dispels the darkness.

Over the years I’ve learned that if I’m going to succeed at anything my mindset must be that of Genesis 1:1

Like the first thing to focus on – God.

I love how the message translation puts it

So first things first … GOD!

Nothing else comes first. God being first should be a natural response to everything in your life. It should be the natural order.

God being priority should determine where you live, what you drive, what you wear, how you live, whom you love. You shouldn’t be trying to fit God unto your “hustle” He should be your “hustle” and all other things will be added.

I know it can often seem like obeying God doesn’t make natural sense so you try to do it all then let God in just to “bless your hustle” but let me tell you ever since I made a conscious effort to focus on God as my priority my life has been indescribable

NEVER!!!! I’m a living witness. A lot of times this is the secret to to my looking like a mega star. I simply in the beginning… let God! That’s wisdom right there. Why struggle? When someone knows the way why sit in the drivers seat if you are going to be guessing?

No point having to sing

Don’t even get into the driver seat. It’s been one of my biggest secrets to always let God take the lead. I don’t go till he tells me to go. I don’t speak till he asks me to. If I’ve started without him once I ask him in and he brings light, I see how feeble what I’m building is.

Trust me, it has changed my life. It can change your life too. But hey! Why take my word for it? Try it for yourself.

See you tomorrow


Pastor M

12 thoughts on “Day 2: First This: GOD…

  1. My motto in school was “Put God first, and everything else will follow”.

    Adult life sort of negated that. Sigh.

    1. Yeah! i know cos it also happened to me. The interesting thing about my own journey is no matter how far i have gone from God, i always get ‘sense’ to go back to my source(God).

      Like i have come to start saying , ‘everything about God makes sense. Sometimes not immediately but eventually’. Hang in there!

  2. Spot on Pastor M. Most of us bring God in as an after thought to bless our hustle. I am repenting as I type my response.

    Great to have you back, though this is my 1st time commenting. I’ve missed your blogs.

  3. This blessed me…. “If you don’t begin with God, then you are sunk ” Thanks so much Mum for this.

    1. Hi dear. Hearing from God is the same process as knowing the voice of any loved one. It comes from practicing listening. You know your mum’s voice because you’ve listened to her over the years, because you have a relationship with her you know what she can and cannot day, you can determine what her words will be like. Well same thing with God if you have a relationship with him as in you are born again then your spirit is regenerated and it’s tuned like a radio to pick up God signals. Also the good thing about God is he doesn’t change so he will NEVER deviate from the Bible (his Word) that’s why he says we have a more sure word of prophecy by what’s written down. So my darling dig in. Study the word. Read your Bible. Once you do that you will know when God is speaking because you will know what he can say

  4. Sometimes the rush hour comes, and I deal with it head-on, Then He sends his usual nudge.

    Wow…. No wonder those hours wasn’t as smooth as it should have been.

    I have learned… I’m still a learner, Buti know that;The best days always have God piloting them!!!

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