WWW2018: When God Shows Up..

Hey people

Wow!!! What an amazing weekend we had. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed so I haven’t been able to blog.

As in …

My God!!!

I kept feeling like this

I’m sure you felt it too.


You weren’t there?

How do I help you now? How could you have missed the entire thing?

Okay let me try and recap.

So it began with

#WhenWomenPray with Imisioluwa Owolabi

It was totally amazing! We prayed, we sang, new songs were born, Gifts of the Spirit released and a clear move of the spirit. So of course I was already pumped and excited ready for #WhenWomenWorship.

So on Friday the day began in a surreal way. I was taking a shower and praying in tongues. suddenly I saw a host of angels flying in formation with swords. I particularly noticed the angel in lead because his sword was blazing golden light then I heard “because of your worship there’s war in the heavenlies”

So of course very excited, I headed out early. Thanks to @bellickscollections who made me a lovely top and @dochiglam who came out really early even though it was so last minute to make me up and style my gorgeous #tsejuwig by @tsejuhair1.

It literally takes a village.


Okay so back to my gist. So I got there on Friday and my team and I sent everyone out of the hall, shut the doors and began to pray. As we moved around the hall praying, suddenly the guys setting up the light goal post began to stagger

So reflex I reached out to help the guys putting it up steady it, the Holy Spirit said “move it’s going to fall” and before you could say When Women Worship, the goal post fell …in slow motion! Right where blessing, kemi (miss Shittu) and Imisi (who had come out to pray with us) were standing.

Just imagine what a disaster it would have been. Wiping out my guest minister from the last two days, my assistant, and one of our ministers for the evening?

I was in shock but very thankful because all I could think was what if it fell during the meeting? What if there were people in the hall? But I wasn’t letting myself or my team get distracted. I knew it was one of the battles won. Hallelujah!

Next we moved onto the stage and began to pray in tongues. After a while I heard in my spirit Daniel 3. So I flipped out my phone and quickly the Holy Spirit showed me satan was after our worship. So I told the ladies what I felt God was saying “Satan will send fire but if we don’t bow then the fourth man will show up in the fire.” I didn’t fully understand it though but I shared with the ladies, we prayed and moved on.

As we were going about our business, we heard a cackling sound. Next thing we know one of our screens was on fire. As in literal fire not fire of the Holy Ghost o!

So one screen went blank. By this time I was laughing. We had the victory. Even before the meeting had begun because just imagine fire in a room full of women.

I wasn’t even moved in fact I was tickled. How can you be so stupid? If God has warned me about fire doesn’t it make sense to send something else? Like maybe rain or wind but to send fire?! That’s just hilarious.

4.40 pm we kicked off with this amazing opener. A mashup of Hillsong’s “So Will I (100 billion x) / Cory Ashbury’s “Reckless Love” /No longer Slaves. Sung By Joimor and Chisom

I honestly thought it couldn’t get any better till Rock Xtreme got on stage. What?! The dance had me praying in tongues with tears pouring down my face. It was like heaven showing me the heart of God toward me as Israel Houghton belted out his version of Reckless love. The minute Marknjumped over mountains I knew I was done for the night and the evening hadn’t even begun.

Right after that my welcome video came up on the one good screen left. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Thankfully there was a pre-videoed welcome because I was in no shape to come up the stage. I was undone already. Empty of self.

Our first minister came up

Minister Wole Adesanya (Mr Wols)

And something unusual happened. Now he had been around really early to do a sound check and he did a full hour rehearsal. He even sent us lyrics to the songs he would be ministering before hand but as he got on stage he only sang two songs and we couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere. Why? They weren’t the songs he sent us.

At that point the Holy Spirit reminded me of His promise to us earlier that he would totally takeover that even the ministers wouldn’t be able to stand to minister

He reeled off a couple of words of knowledge then handed back the mic. I stood there shocked thinking is he done?

Then the Holy Spirit said to me “anything more would not be A SOUND! It would be NOISE!!!”

then he reminded me “there will be no celebrities in the room. Every one is here to worship ME”

After that it was a tag team

Folabi Nuel came up next

then TY Bello

Then blesSING

To be honest with you, it was literal fire. The Holy Ghost took over. People praying in new tongues, prophesying, slain in the spirit. God walked into the room and we beheld his glory

Oh! What a night and to think we expected it to be just another When Women Worship

When I was welcoming the guests I had no idea how intense it would be. At the end of the meeting i kept hearing in my spirit I’m releasing twins. So I prayed with those trusting God for babies. I cannot wait to share our testimonies. #40miraclepregnancies.

It was a beautiful night

So anyhow of course by this time we had some expectations for Sunday. We went home so full of the presence of God. Some people couldn’t stop praying in tongues. I kept thinking Sunday? Lord I can’t wait.

But God wasn’t done with me yet….

When I got home something unusual happened. BlesSING, kemi (miss Shittu) and my baby sister diche spent the night at my house. So after we gisted a bit we all went to bed. Next thing I wake up in the middle of the night to pee. I’m hearing people praying in tongues with tambourines. I’m thinking “oh! So these girls are praying and they left me to sleep” so I barge into their room and wait for it….

They are all sound asleep. I thought I was losing my mind. I went back into my room I’m hearing it again loud and clear so I feel like maybe they are playing pranks. (Why I would think that only heaven knows πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) So I wait a bit then barge in again. Still nothing. I go downstairs nothing. Then the Holy Spirit said to me that’s your spirit praying. My God!!!!

I knew Sunday would be out of this world. And Sunday was…

but I think it was the pre-worship conversations that I had that Prepped me for the main event. Such a beautiful fellowship before fellowship

Long before doors were open the entire place was full of women in shalom teeshirts

The hall was filled to the gallery

Women everywhere.

Openers were the same but not in any way the same. As soon as Joimor began to sing there was an electric current that seemed to permeate the room by the time Chisom joined her “Jesus!!!!!”

It was just the opener but women were already worshipping all over the room.

Hmmm.., I knew it would be an intense night. I could already feel it.

So by the time Rock Xtreme got on stage it was πŸ”₯ fire πŸ”₯

Then the evening really began. I will just let the pictures do the talking.

We laughed, we cried, we danced,

Hands raised, hearts bowed it was getting more intense. God was raising us a sound

Encounters all over the room. Even my amazing designer @dafscourt who made the lovely kimono I was wearing was not left out 😊

God wasn’t done though

Musicians were not left out

By the time I got on stage to close the meeting my heart was full

but one thing remained. God told me it would be a consecration service. So we handed over our hearts,



And lives to Jesus.

By this time the glory was so strong I could no longer stand

By the time I stood up I received my Miracle.

I had asked for only one thing at this year’s When Women Worship. A heart that loves like Jesus.

And boy was my heart full

I felt love for God’s daughters like never before. I saw their beauty and how precious they are to him. I was undone in a good way

I wish I could go round and give each one of them a big squishy ‘God loves you princess’ hug

Since I couldn’t they hugged each other for me.

I’ve tried my absolute best to share what happened on that night but trust me you cannot keep missing these meetings. It just isn’t the same.

Before you run along let me share my absolute best moment of the evening. It was a brief moment when folabi Nuel left the stage to get his guitar and the stage was empty but so full at the same time ….

That moment right there…

… Jesus took the stage


Love you my darlings.

I will be back soon

Pastor Mildred


This post would not be complete if I don’t thank my amazing son Avril @the_mistergrey for all the beautiful pictures he took. God blessyou honey #theavrilmagic.

27 thoughts on “WWW2018: When God Shows Up..

  1. But I was there why goose bump every where…. Gosh I said it before nobody captures events in words like my very own Mama. Indeed it was an encounter like never before. I felt electrified, I knew a lot changed, the fear of the unknown crawled out of me. And the big testimony while worshiping i heard in my spirit read the promise you picked, i did and guess what? HE gave me the answers to a panick activated prophecy I got a day before. Halelluyah I must testify this year. God bless you Mama and the amazing justusgirls team.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Praise God. This meeting was exceptional for me. I picked the same word I picked 2yrs ago. I was blown. This, can only be God’s orchestration.
      I had goosebumps all over me as soon as I opened the enveloped. I said to myself that there is a reason for this word coming twice to me. God bless you,Mama.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Chai and i wanted to be yhe 1st person to comment on this post but wendy u beat me to itπŸ™ˆ anyways Thank God i was there. since 2014 Akikitan i have never missed when women worship. it was indeed an electrifying experience, Jesus loves me like kilode😍 thank u mama for being the host and letting God use you. Seeing you host these meetings makes me want to know God’s purpose and calling upon my life, Im trusting God to guide me and show me what I was born to do, what He created me to do, and experience that fulfilment that people talk about that comes from doing exactly what He has called them to do, living in the centre of God’s purpose for their lives. Thank God you are a woman of purpose ma


  3. I have always wanted to sing in tongues. Praying is great but I truly needed to sing to my father in spirit.
    I had never prayed about it ,I just used to think and wish for it. (lesson learnt)
    As we worshipped at Shalom.
    My mouth opened itself and I heard myself singing in tongues to my God.
    I could not even stop myself to pray.
    It was time to sing. With an outstretched hand and joy in my being, I got my desire I had not even prayed or asked for.
    Glory be to God.
    Thanks Mama. God bless you and DCC.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow!!!! What a weekend!!!!!

    Thank you, my dearest friend and sister, for being so unashamedly sold out to Jesus and for saying “yes” to our Father. Millions of lives all over the world are & will be blessed because of that singular decision you made decades ago.

    May Jehovah, the God of heaven and earth, our Father and King, continue to bless and preserve you, your home and ministry. He will keep you strong till the very end in Jesus name.

    I love you so much Sis. Keep pressing on…we dey una sideπŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜™

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG!!!! Wow…. Mama, you’re just too much, almost everything was captured here. It’s an experience that can never be forgotten.
    God bless you mamalicious. Thank you for answering the call of God upon your life. Next year will be the beginning of Just Us Girls Nails and Just Us Girls USA……..amen.


  6. OMG!!!! Wow…. Mama, you’re just too much, almost everything was captured here. It’s an experience that can never be forgotten.
    God bless you mamalicious. Thank you for answering the call of God upon your life. Next year will be the beginning of Just Us Girls Nails and Just Us Girls USA……..amen.


  7. Honestly am still speechless….the week before this meeting I couldn’t join in the fast but I fed my spirit in prayers and worship. And what is still amazing to me is that I downloaded the very 2 songs we opened www on Sunday I played them all week on REPEAT (only those 2 songs all week) and when reckless love and no longer slave came on I just wept …God is soooo real ! I got my testimony already …just waiting to confirm that it’s twins mama🀣


  8. I watched online on Friday and knew I had to be there on Sunday though less than 2 weeks post partum and a lot of health drama including HBP and so much more, I can’t even write… And God knows Pst M God bless you…
    The scripture I picked and 2 songs raised by Folabi Nuel – Mighty Warrior and The Champion of the Hosts Above were for me…
    It was a night, a day, a life time and this recap makes me relive it all…
    God gives me Serenity, Health, Absence of Fear, Love, an Overflow and He is at the Centre of it all, right in the Middle

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Mmm. The night I literally felt God’s love again. I had this love ones who offended me. Was so hurt that…, I would say I have forgiven them whenever am praying, but when I see them,i still act contrary to what I prayed about. And as I lifted my hands to worship on this day, Satan sent so many accusing words,he said I don’t worth God’s love because am being disobedient. I had struggles and walls inside of me. I felt like Peter when he thought he can never leave Jesus with all his ‘galigali’ lol,but still did.
    At that point I heard clearly,Amaka you can’t do this on your own. I can’t explain what I started feeling afterwards, still a mystery,the words from TY Bello was thundering in head, she was there just for me, I felt like exploding. And my mama came up, the Spirit ministered expressly, that miracles of healing and all others is not as much as the miracle of consecration,the heart… And that was the very place the devil was out for. But praise God that the burden was lifted and yoke destroyed. Am so free, free, I mean SHALOM.
    Thank you ma

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I am still speechless. My life has not remained the same after the program. I can now hear the holy spirit speaking to me clearly. God gave me an instruction on the Island’s WWW and since then he has not stopped speaking. Thank you Mama for yielding to The Call. You are indeed a blessing.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Your generation is blessed ma!
    Thank you for leading us to God…..i met God personally that night!
    What a wonderful EXPERIENCE
    Thank you holy spirit
    Love you momma

    Liked by 1 person

  12. It was an amazing night and I had several encounters. I picked the same word God gave me last year “for even if the mountains walk away and the hills fall to pieces, my love wont walk away from you.my covenant commitment of peace wont fall apart.The God who has compassion on you says so. Isa 54:10. I needed this word for.all the challenges I was going through at the moment.
    I also saw God heal a supposed chest pain which I thought was physical but just realized that it was a lot of things preventing me from truly reaching God in my worship. God lifted it all, like i suddenly felt breeze blowing in my chest and I felt God closer than ever before. God is soooo real. WWW2018 was just a totally different experience. Thank you for the recap ma.

    Liked by 1 person

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