Day 24: PEACE

Hey everyone

Been on a plane for 16 hours and about to get on another for 9 hours. But before that wanted to quickly share how God changed my perspective on Peace.

This post if I had the time would have been more elaborately done. Sadly I don’t so I’m just going to try to get to the heart of the matter.

Last year at one of the prayer meetings before the JUGN Conference my promise was Isaiah 54:10.

I still remember saying “abeg I don’t want this kind of promise that is tied to problem Biko” 😂😂😂😂

It wasn’t funny at the time o! “I just didn’t want.” I wanted a simple straightforward promise. So I did what anyone acting in the flesh would do. I picked another one and lo and behold! It was John 16:33

I could not believe it. Trouble?! I didn’t pick again jare. Just went my way before I get distracted. I had prayer to lead. So I tossed them into one of my bibles.

So remember I told you a few days ago that satan is a liar

Well, after that I began having nightmares of every kind of trouble imaginable. I got into a few difficult situations not worthy of mention though because I knew satan was a liar. Then I began having panic attacks, for no justifiable reason I would just stand and be having major palpitations.

Before I knew what was happening my blood pressure began acting up. I began feeling overwhelmed by work and everything around me.

This was very unusual because even though I’m a “fire-fire” let’s get it done fast fast I handle stressful situations well. So I decided to trace where all this was coming from and I realized it was coming from that promise I picked months earlier. So I decided to talk to God about it. After all the point to a promise is To give strength and comfort Abi? Not stress.

When I prayed the Holy Spirit asked me to read out the promise till I could hear it…. really hear it.

So I did…

….in different versions

Then He asked me a simple question:

“Why did you choose to see only the mountains departing and the trouble coming but you didn’t see the real promise I was giving you?”

I’m old enough to know that when God asks you a question it’s not because he doesn’t know the answer. In fact most times it’s because you don’t know the answer. So of course like Prophets before me my answer was simply

“Lord you know! Please tell me”

“You refused to MEDITATE child”

And that was true.

I didn’t know want to do the work required to get the promise. I wanted one that sounded good on the surface. One I didn’t need to dig into deep. One I didn’t think about. I simply took another like it was some kind of luck machine that was churning it out and to prove to me that He’s an intentional God, He simply gave me the same promise from another scripture

and that was enough to make me pay attention. God was trying to tell me something and no matter how many times I tried, no matter how many promises I picked his word to me was Peace in the storm.

I repented there and then and decided to really meditate after all it is in the meditation that the word comes to life and you get results.

When I settled down to this promise I could not believe how I had let Satan’s lies confuse me and distract me from the blessing God had promised me.

God was offering me PEACE; a covenant of peace. How did I not see that? How could I possibly not see that? How could I have missed that? Kind of reminded me of the conversation God had with Abraham in Genesis

in essence, Abraham was saying What will you give me SEEING as you have given me no child and a slave will inherit all I have and God’s response was to take him outside and ask him again

LOOK NOW. What do you SEE? Stars? Sand? Can you count them? So will your seed be”

Isn’t it interesting how once you change HOW you see, you change WHAT you see. Once Abraham began to see like God, the promise came into effect. What I was doing was believing for the worst and expecting to see the best but it doesn’t work that way. Your believing and expecting must be in line for you to see the promise.

so I began to study and meditate and I began to really see what God had promised me.

God was offering me a covenant of peace which meant he was staking his reputation on it. He could swear by none other so He swore by himself.

The Peace God promised me wasn’t just tranquillity. It included that but it was much more.

It was a list of things…

  • Wholeness of life and body
  • Victory over one’s enemies
  • Absence of war
  • Prosperity, success or fulfillment
  • Calmness, tranquility, serenity of mind and environment
  • the absence of evil or harm
  • An absence of hostile environment
  • an absence of chaos in my life.
  • Safe, secure and forgiven

But most importantly, it was God’s blessing declared upon me

May your life be filled with health, victory and prosperity; Void of evil. ”

So even if everything was falling apart in the world it would not affect me. Wow! What a promise. What a God!

Every time I unpacked this promise I was blown away but it taught me something more important it taught me not to take any word from God for granted. Not one word will pass away and definitely not one of the promises given to me will ever fail.

So whenever you study the word of God, read the Bible or pick a promise. Meditate on it and ask yourself what is God really saying and if you are not seeing it then pray a simple prayer:

” Lord help to see what you see”

Trust me it Works all the time. In fact join me let’s pray that prayer together.

I Am What You See

Love you

Pastor Mildred


This post took way longer than it should. Got in the plane. Landed. Found it hard to adjust to time. Lost one day but it’s here now. Hope it’s someone’s word. 😘😘😘😘

9 thoughts on “Day 24: PEACE

  1. Thank you Pastor M for this post. It is timely for me. Exactly words God gave me. Life storms can sometimes throw you off balance and u begin to wonder. You know when they come like a flood and u r asking God ‘kilodey’ . Thank you for pointing me to see right. I see his promises while I enjoy his peace

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  2. it’s my word! i see i have been failing at meditation..and i always seem to get a word before the trial but i don’t stay long enough on it. i know better now, thank you ma!


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