Day 13: Free indeed..

Hey Everyone! It’s day 13!

Whoop Whoop!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

And today we have another beautiful guest writer, and she’ll love to share her testimony with you all.


My name is Mariam Yibowei. I became born again in 2008. But, I was a baby Christian for many years after that. As we would jokingly say, ‘my born again then no done.’ I was deep in the world; going to bars, clubs, parties, dating randomly, and generally misbehaving. I never thought of the consequences of my actions and i didn’t care about what anybody had to say about my life.
But with all these plenty activities, peace was a stranger to me. Every effort i made to fill up the void within with different ‘fun’ things, only made my condition worse.
I started attending DCC in 2011, but it was off and on. Later in 2013, I joined DCC fully and by 2014, I became a worker in the Decoration Department. As at this time, I was still not a commited Christian but, i got increasingly frustrated about my lifestyle.
Then When Women Worship 2013 themed IMELA

came and we where asked to do three days fruit fast. Before this time, I had never fasted beyond 6-12 noon. Fruit fast was quite new to me. But, I was determined to do it. I was desperate for peace of mind so, I participated. Around that time, PK preached a message titled, “BETTER ME.”

Before then buying messages had never been my thing. But, I bought that particular one. I listened to it repeatedly, while engaging in the fruit fast.
After the first day of the fast, I felt lifted in my spirit. It was as if something left me and I was so filled with joy. I continued with the fast and listening to messages till the final day which was on a Sunday.

I was so excited and happy all through that service. I felt different.
While the worship was going on, I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. I heard clearly in my heart, ‘YOU ARE FREE!’ Then, there was this peace in my spirit.
From that day, all the things I normally would indulge in for fun, irritated me. I found the very suggestion of them upsetting. The week after that Sunday was when Pastor K preached about ‘Training the Human Spirit.’ I listened to that too. I also bought some LDM messages. Listening to them and applying the life lessons, brought a lasting change in my life. I found myself wanting to just dedicate my whole life and time to God.

Since then, it has been a steady spiritual growth for me. I always looked forward to When Women Worship ever since.

At Wordship Warship Worship in 2017,

I picked a promise, Leviticus 26:9(ISV). It said

” I’ll Look After You, Ensuring That You’ll Be Fruitful. I’ll Increase Your Number and Keep My Convenant With You.”

Since that day, I have been seeing God’s faithfulness in my life. He not only gave me my own personal word, He is always directing my steps. I often find myself at the right place at the right time. This God has never failed me. I am grateful to Him for WWW 2017. And i can’t wait to get another personal word from God
at the upcoming When Women Worship Event.
Thank you.


Getting an assurance from God personally that you’re free is just so beautiful…

Like I mentioned before, I absolutely love that beyond the promises women get to hear God speak to them personally! 😍😍

Oh and who’s excited about When Women Worship this year! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

I know I am! And trust me God’s gonna blow your mind!!

Mark you calendars ladies, its coming up in June! You can’t afford to miss it. πŸ˜†

Love you guys!

😘😘😘 Kemi

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  1. The calendar has been lonnnnnnnnnnnng marked. Its always my birthday gift. God bless the brains behind this program you all rock. Love you guys. Thank God for this testimony, God bless you Sis.

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