Day 8: He will surely do it!

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My life totally changed 8 years ago when my marriage of 13 years ended. Not that I was surprised, I saw it coming. But, I wasn’t ready for the aftermath. Everyone kept asking me if I was going to remarry and I told them that I definitely would. Although at the time, I wasn’t ready. I needed to find myself. I knew I won’t be good for any man because I had a lot of baggage. I was hurting. When I started to think about it, all that kept coming to my heart and mouth was that I needed a fresh start. And God gave me Scriptures in that regard that said He was going to do a new thing.

I got to the point where I knew that I had to be specific about what I wanted. But, for a while I wasn’t sure. Eventually, I told God that I wanted a fresh start and I wanted to get married to someone totally clueless of my tradition and origin. For me, that is my definition of a fresh start. And that was when it came to me, I want to get married to a white man.

When I said it, I doubted it. But, the Lord started speaking to me. He asked me why I felt He couldn’t do it. He reminded me that He had answered prayers that I barely prayed for. He told me that He did all that so that I could have faith enough for this.  He assured me that He can do it.

During When Women Worship, He further confirmed it by giving me a Scripture in

Ephesians 33:17; “This very thing that you have spoken about, that will I do, because you have found Favour in my sight and I know you by name”,

I was so in awe of God that after that encounter, it was as if my ears exploded and I could hear Him so clearly, He even gave me a name “MITCH”. This increased my faith tremendously.

I started to pray for my husband, confessing Scriptures over his life and then one day something happened.

The week we were praying and fasting, I was so busy that I didn’t have time to pray but I sensed in my spirit that the Lord wanted to tell me something. All of a sudden, everything around me began to shut down. The generator packed up. My laptop ran out of battery. And my was about to go off too. So, I decided to study the Word. As I opened to Deuteronomy 11:10-15, this is what it says;

“The land you are entering to take up ownership isn’t like Egypt, the land you left, where you had to plant your own seed and water it yourselves as in a vegetable garden.

But the land you are about to cross the river and take for your own is a land of mountains and valleys; it drinks water that rains from the sky.

It’s a land that GOD, your God, personally tends—he’s the gardener—he alone keeps his eye on it all year long.
From now on if you listen obediently to the commandments that I am commanding you today, love GOD, your God, and serve him with everything you have within you, he’ll take charge of sending the rain at the right time, both autumn and spring rains, so that you’ll be able to harvest your grain, your grapes, your olives. He’ll make sure there’s plenty of grass for your animals. You’ll have plenty to eat.”

I remember that day as clear as day. It was the 23rd of October 2017. After reading this Scripture, I jumped up knowing that indeed this is my full reward and my fresh start! I felt God’s presence so tangibly in the room that I bursted out in tears.

Immediately, I sent a message to Pastor M. It was such a surreal experience that up until now, I can’t explain it.

God gave me a blueprint of my life for the next couple of years. It is so amazing, refreshing and all shades of amazing.

On the 29th of December, we picked promises during our prayer session with Pastor Mildred. This is what I picked,

Isaiah 61:7 (GWT); “You will receive a double measure of wealth instead of your shame. You will SING about your wealth instead of being disgraced. That is why you will have a double measure of wealth in YOUR LAND. You will have everlasting joy”.

I stood in a daze because God was specific to mention YOUR LAND! Remember that land that I am going to?The land that He spoke to me about in Deuteronomy.

My sisters, I don’t know about you but, I have a brand new life from God, My Father. I am so excited about it.

I want to encourage someone who is reading this. God’s Word never lies. He always brings it to pass.

Watch out!  #MrsMitch😍


Hello Mrs MITCH!! 😆😆

This God eh! As the days go by, I’m literally speechless and in awe at what God is doing on our lives. He is so deliberate, so specific! And to think that He cares about the littlest desires that we have, that don’t even seem like much.

Is there something you’re trusting God for? Something different and out of the norm, but it’s something you truly desire? Just talk to him, He’s always listening. Trust His Word and watch that worship manifest in your life!!!

Alright ladies, have a beautiful day!

Make sure to send in your promises to

😘😘😘 Kemi

13 thoughts on “Day 8: He will surely do it!

  1. This God who is so close, so specific, so personal, so detailed and yet, so Almighty, I hail thee! To be called your own, Lord God is a pride something. Wow!

  2. The word was powerful indeed pastor M. I’m just not sure about the request. It Just seems a bit off asking for a white man as opposed to just a non Nigerian, or even an Asian, or a Latino. Pastor M some might interpret this a bit strangely, especially the young girls who read your blog and are impressionable enough to think anything oyinbo or with whiter lighter skin is best. Feel free to delete my comment but I just wanted to let you know that some might not see this testimony correctly.

    1. Oh! Hello dear. Why would I delete your comment ? You’re entitled to an opinion aren’t you? I’m concerned that you are already sounding defensive 😂😂😂

      I believe the lady in question has her reasons for asking for a white man. I may not understand it but I’ve come to respect people’s desires. It’s her convictions not mine 😊 however I think that for me the focus of the testimony should be that she was healed enough to want to start again after some of the horrors she’s been through in her first marriage which she didn’t share.

      Also I have my concerns when people dissect other people’s “testimonies” rather than wish them well. It’s HER desire not a standard for others. Why is someone wanting a white man any different from those who want only black men? If she were white would this “testimony” be an issue? Don’t you think we need to be careful of silent racial prejudices? Sometimes we really don’t know we have these tendencies because what we think should be the generally accepted thought pattern. For all I care anyone can marry any color man – blue, green, purple or black as far as he’s a God kind of man. Being oyibo or light skin doesn’t make a person better or worse. If that’s what SHE wants then by all means let her enjoy. I’m light skinned and I’ve had dark skinned ladies claim that men find me attractive simply because of that. I’ve been offended by that in the past because it sounds like light skinned people only have that going for them. Should someone have to suffer for something they had no hand in deciding? The color of a person’s skin does not make them less interesting than their darker counter part.

      My stand has always been and will always be marry a man that has a heart for God, that is your friend and that is submitted and accountable. This I have always taught and I will always teach. One person’s story is not a standard or a rule.

      Can we all just be happy for her if this is her desire and pray she’s in the will of God for her life and not impose our own ideas?

      Thanks for commenting Curious (by the way that’s an interesting choice for a pseudo name)


    1. Wow!! Praise God Awelex.. Thank God for all he’s doing in your life, and you’ll experience much more! In Jesus name..

  4. Mehn i love this testimony its one of my favs so far. I love the ‘Mrs Mitch’ faith u have. I’ve a similar experience, with the Holy Spirit telling me to pray for my spouse even though i havent met him yet. I declare the Word oer his life in faith and im sure that i will meet him very soon! Icelebrate with u in advance rs Mabel👍👍

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