Day 7: Letting go

Hey guys!

Isn’t it just amazing to see how awesome God is, through the promises shared this past week!

Every time I read the posts, I’m just in awe at how much God just loves us!

Like he’s very interested in everything that concerns us, and is just so accurate that he gives us a word for the exact moment we are in.

And these testimonies being shared just warms my heart, today someone told me that she read one of the posts and she remembered a moment she picked a promise and just had to sit and write down her experience, and she was literally moved to tears by the post she read. That’s how powerful and transforming this is….

Have you sent in your promise yet? Don’t delay, there’s someone out there who needs to read it.. 😊

Today’s post, just shows me that every time, energy, prayer, sleepless nights and everything we put together to make Just Us Girls conference come alive, is so worth it!!


The 2017 JUGN conference (Worship Warship and Wordship) was my first JUGN conference to attend

and was just what I needed to get delivered from a wrong relationship that would have destroyed my life.

I was a victim of rape in 2016 and this experience kept me emotionally torn. I was filled with bitterness, anger, guilt and didn’t feel like being a Christian anymore.

Soon I met this guy who I felt was an angel who have come to take the pain away. Being a believer, I knew I shouldn’t be unequally yoked with an unbeliever but I was too filled with pain and couldn’t forgive my self for what happened. I had given up on myself and was ready to self district.

This relationship led me deeper and deeper into sin. I knew I needed deliverance but I couldn’t talk to anyone about it.

During the program, D.D.K talked about how bitterness was an attack to our life. She emphasized that we must fight for our lives.

Soon PM came and began encouraging singles to wait for God’s best in our relationships. She talked about having the courage to let go of unhealthy relationships with the faith that God can bring the right person our way.

There I broke into tears and talked to God about how much I needed His help.

That was my deliverance!

I kept holding onto the words I got from the program and from there I drew strength to let go.

My healing process began and God has being taking me through an amazing journey with Him.

Praise God!


There is such power in God’s word!

Transforming, healing power!!

She picked a word, not from the bowl of promises but from the word that came from God’s servants. She got her word, held unto it and kept digesting it until she saw herself transform…

It’s just reassuring to know that God cares, he’s always there when we call, to strengthen us, to help us, and just saying… I’m here and I’m not letting go..

Let go of whatever it is you’ve been holding on to that has been holding you back and Let God get a hold on you… Trust him, he’s not going to let go of you.

See you soon ladies.

😘😘😘 Kemi

2 thoughts on “Day 7: Letting go

  1. I have been so angry with someone. . The kind of anger where you want to arrange your top military friends and organise the person be kept in the guard room(in jaji) for a month and not see sunlight. The type where you are in awe of the persons evilness and wanna get thr fellow beaten and then this post saying LET GO…chai, this God sha… oya Lemme let go… Thank you gather for delivering me from anger…

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