Day 2: God’s Promise To Me.

Hello Ladies… It’s March!!

I’ve really missed you guys!

Like mama said it feels like it’s been 6 months already.. well January lasted like forever! So yea, it’s been six months…. lol

So this month is themed Marching Orders!! And you’re going to hear from some amazing people 😍😍

Before I get carried away and literally write an epistle, let me introduce you to our first guest writer of the month! And it’s also her first feature on the blog!!

*Cheerleaders get your pompoms ready*

*drum rolls please*

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a woman of class and style.. (I’ve told her I need to raid her wardrobe, absolutely love her style).

She has such a beautiful heart, she’s very resourceful, she delivers on her job excellently. She’s such a breath of fresh air and a joy to work with.. She’s Married and has a beautiful daughter… 😍

Join me as we welcome Mrs Mercy Aluyi… (*Fireworks* *Confetti* *Cheerleaders flipping*) πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Find her post below

When I was a little child, I loved promises. Do you remember those promise cards you give to your uncles and aunts and say, ‘Uncle please come and promise me?’
They would usually oblige you by writing a good amount and date of collection. There were even some that had other items besides money to give. Oh, how I loved it! Anticipating those gifts made me super happy. My happiness stemmed from the fact that I trusted the reputation of these people to make good on their promises. I also had the super cool uncles and aunts who redeemed their promises on the spot. Those ones will make heaven. Lol!
For me, it is a pretty big deal that when we go for our women conferences, we are asked to pick promises. It feels like one of those cool uncles asking me again to pick a promise that he must fulfil no matter the cost. Except that this time, God is even more dedicated to His promise to me than they are.
At the start of our last meeting for 2017 with Pastor M, I picked up a promise in Genesis 22:17. I love the way the Message Translation puts it,

“I will bless you-oh, how I’ll bless you! And I will make your children flourish- like stars in the sky! Like sand on the beaches! And your descendants will defeat their enemies!”

Can you tell how passionate God is about blessing me? And the amazing thing is that unlike us, God does not just give you a promise, he extends it. He goes to the end of your lineage, and gives it to every single person connected to you. Therefore, I am utterly convinced that I, my children and my children’s children can only have one outcome – we will all live off His generous bounty, gift after gift after gift! (John 1:16 MSG) Whoop! Whoop!

My first trip to the UK was paid for and I came back even richer than I went. When I went to have my daughter in the US, my hospital bill (which increased because I had to undergo a CS instead) was waived not only by the hospital, but also by the doctors, anaesthesiologist, and every other bill that came after that was also waived. God also gave me a job that I did not qualify for and increased my salary five (5) times what I used to earn. The amazing part is, I did not apply for this job, neither was I interviewed. I could go on, but I am sure you get my point.


Imagine that Bill Gates was your uncle and he promises you one million dollars. You won’t doubt him because he has a reputation for giving his money away. But, Bill Gates cannot extend his promise to your children; neither can he promise to defeat their enemies. Even if he wanted to, no one lives that long. But God has an even better, infallible, and everlasting reputation. When God makes you a promise, He also puts his own reputation on the line (Hebrews 6:13 MSG).

Has God given you a promise? Does it seem like nothing has changed? Do you think it’s because of something you did or didn’t do? My dear, it’s not you, it’s God! His reputation is on the line. He is dedicated to bringing His promise to you to pass no matter the cost, time or place. Like PC said in one of my favourite songs of his, β€œGod dey harsh for your matter.” He will bring every single alphabet in His promise to pass. Not one can escape fulfilment. All you have to do is believe in Him. Go and bring out your promise cards, read it again to remind yourself that the One who promised you has never failed before .
And He surely won’t start now.


Isn’t it just simply amazing to have a word from God that speaks to you particularly and that you can just hold on to and literally breath it in day and night, because you know it’s yours! And one other thing about God that amazes me is how even though you dream and have expectations of how that word would come to pass, he always beats that imagination and just blows your mind!!

And it’s just reassuring to know that God doesn’t just think about us, he thinks about our children and descendants and sorts them out even before the thought of them is conceived! 😲.. Mind blowing God! Kai!

Please how are people living and surviving without Gods word!! It’s literally the blue prints to our lives, everything you need is inside it..

All you need to do is Claim it!

Ladies are you bringing out your promise cards and laying claim to the promises God has given you?

This month is going to be amazing, I’m excited already πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

See you tommorw ladies..

😘😘😘 Kemi

10 thoughts on “Day 2: God’s Promise To Me.

  1. Totally amazing God!! Seems like He is just waits for us to only believe in Him, then He keeps His Word to us. He also rewards us for trusting Him and goes on to add plenty juicy extras, just because. See extravaganza nah.

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  2. I’m definitely bringing out my promise card and trusting on this amazing God to bring to pass all that he promise me. thanks for sharing.


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